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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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Story Archive Update November 5, 2021 - Genres

The upgrade to our latest version of our Story Archive software is complete.  This is a pretty big change under the hood on how we handle Genres.  First thing first.  Definitions. Primary Genre - This is the top level genre and consists mostly the old genres we used along with some new ones. Sub-Genre - These are more narrowly scoped genre under a primary genre.  For example Comic Fantasy is a sub-genre of Comedy. Why the change?  With the advent of epublishing, the number


Myr in Site Tech News

Ask An Author 3.0 #11

Who has their holiday decorations up? I certainly do! It's the first Wednesday of December, and we have something special. It's a fantastic edition of Ask An Author!  I know many missed seeing the November issue, but as Renee put it, the well ran dry. Let me tell ya, I felt the site rumble with activity and the messages came flooding in! But I'm not one to act in desperation, folks. Ask An Author relies on readers sending in their questions. Let's end 2021 on a high note and stuff the AAA p


astone2292 in Author Interviews

November CSR Discussion Day: Bloom by Dabeagle

How has November treated you? I can't believe we're almost done with this year, but in the same respect it just can't go fast enough! I felt like that when I was reading Dabeagle's story, Bloom. I wanted to know what happened next so I kept reading faster and faster, but I wanted to savor it before it would end too soon.... as all good stories do! What did you think? Share your thoughts below, but first, enjoy these interview questions he answered first! Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate


Cia in CSR- Can't Stop Reading

Weekly Wrap Up (Nov. 21 - Nov. 27)

So how are you feeling?   I asked one of my friends south of the border and they said fat and broke  I guess the fat from all the food and drinks on Thursday and the broke from Black Friday sales. Not even realizing it was Black Friday on Friday I called our local  iFly location and ended up getting the Black Friday Deal. Yes, I'm getting more for my money but I'm giving them a lot more of it. I hope my nephews and sister enjoy their time in there for Christmas presents. I hope none of the


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

2021 Fall Anthology: Wrap Up!

Well, that's it for this year's anthologies!  A lot of great stories by some very talented authors. Thank you to everyone for participating, whether you are an author or a reader!  If you haven't gotten to read all the stories, don't fret, I'll link them all in the wrap up so that you can easily get to any that you missed! A huge thank you to the team who made the anthologies possible! 2021 Fall Anthology Support Team Anthology Coordinator Renee Stevens Tec

Featured Story: The Reluctant Consort

Well imagine my shock, shock I say  when I got to GA and noticed the wrap up still up. I realized that we missed getting up the super duper Review Team's, in this case @aditus, review. Since we are basically a day late, we will keep it up for Tuesday as well. My apologies to the Review Team and all our members.   The Reluctant Consort by lilansui   Reviewer: Aditus Status: Complete Word Count: 299,713 I don’t understand that the story The Reluctant Consort has not mo


wildone in Reviews

Weekly Wrap Up (Nov. 14 - Nov. 20)

Do any of my American friends like smoked turkey for Thanksgiving? I have it on pretty good authority that it might not be the most healthy food...for you   I've been waiting a week to get that one out  I know! You can't stop laughing at it, just like me  ! Anywho... Canada had our holiday over a month ago and My American Cousins are about to celebrate theirs over the whole next week  It seems that in some jobs, but not in all, this holiday becomes a 5 day weekend ! 


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

2021 Fall Anthology: Potluck *NOW LIVE*

Welcome to the final week of Anthology postings!  This week, we're releasing the "Potluck" themed stories as well as a final one for the theme of "A Winding Path". Again, Thank You to all the authors and their teams for their hard work on their stories and for participating in the anthology. All stories posted are complete, so please remember to do a quick story review after reading to thank the authors!  Happy Reading!    

November Classic Author Feature: Underthehoodster's Discoveries

Welcome to November! I can't believe it's the second to last month of 2021. In some ways it feels like this year has taken decades, and in others, it feels like it has sped by. In a fun twist, I'm featuring the 2nd story in Underthehoodster's series, Perry and Jessie, series.  Discoveries  by @underthehoodster Length: 69,297 Description: Perry (A fairly rich kid who always seems to be in some sort of trouble) and Jesse (A poor kid who is a blackbelt and has a bad past r


Cia in Classic Feature

Weekly Wrap Up (Nov. 7 - Nov. 13)

Is it this upcoming week or is it the week after that our American cousins have their Thanksgiving ? Well I looked at my 'merican calendar and see it is the week after, so I will stop talking about that this week or I will have nothing to talk about next week  You all should be so lucky! We'll skip over and talk about the next holiday, Christmas . Have you thought about my pressies yet? I have one picked out for everyone of you, lol. But really, with all the news about ports being jammed an


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

2021 Fall Anthology: A Winding Path *NOW LIVE*

Who's ready for Week 2 of the Anthology postings?  Some more great authors and stories this week, so be sure to check them all out!  Thank you to all the authors and their teams for participating in the fall anthology! All stories posted are complete, so don't forget to leave the authors a story review after reading their offerings!  Happy Reading!!!    

Author Guess Who #15

No, this feature did not die, though I'm sure it seems like it!  Life kind of got in the way, but here's the next site author for you to guess!!!  You'll have approximately two weeks to guess the author and then we'll reveal who it was! Happy Guessing! What is one thing that most GA members might not know about you? When I was in 6th grade, I won a regional youth poetry contest. What prompted you to write your first story? I was 11 when I wrote my first long story. The p

Featured Story: Camp Refuge

Morning all!  Time to start another week, and to help you get the week off on the right foot, take a look at this review.   Camp Refuge by Wayne Gray Reviewer: chris191070 Status: Complete Word Count: 142,472 This story revolves around Greg Hanson, an ex cop and his dream to own a Camp site, a place where he can feel safe, We follow Greg as his dream begins to take shape when he opens his business in Crescent City, Northern California, where 'Camp Refuge' is born. Gr

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct. 31 - Nov. 6)

Those of you that still have or always have had daylight savings time, today is the day that it is okay to be late to work  So if you showed up for your 9:00 AM shift at 9:15 but forgot to set your clocks back, you are 45 minutes early  Let's just ignore the fact that most people use their phone for their alarm and phones automatically update on their own . So Thursday was the first of many big weeks here at GA! Did you get excited about the start of releasing of the Fall 2021  Anthologies


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

2021 Fall Anthology: An Unconventional Gift *NOW LIVE*

Hello hello!!!  Who's ready for a great selection of stories to read!  We had a great turnout for this anthology, and in total you will now have 15 brand new stories for your enjoyment!  Each week, for the next three weeks, we will release five of the stories entered into the anthology. We want to give a huge Thank you to all the authors and their teams for participating in the anthology!  All stories posted are complete, so after reading, please leave the authors a story review to thank them fo

Ask An Author: Questions Needed!

Normally, the 1st Wednesday of the month we have our Ask An Author feature, where @astone2292asks your favorite authors questions that you are just dying to know! Unfortunately, we have no Ask An Author this month because the well has run dry and @astone2292 has run out of questions. No questions = No Ask An Author Want to see this feature continue?  Pick Your favorite story and send him some questions. Not sure what type of questions? Check out these previous Ask An Author featur

November CSR Feature: Bloom by Dabeagle

Welcome to the next to last month of 2021! I hope it treats you right, and to get you started on the right direction, we have a good-sized novel by Dabeagle to enjoy for this month's CSR, or Can't Stop Reading, book club feature! What did you think of it? Make sure you're ready to comment at the end of the month!  Bloom by @Dabeagle Length: 69,943 Description: Hunter has plans and reasons. Get the hell out of Park Terrace, power through college to get to New York City where h

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct. 24 - Oct. 30)

Boo Did I scare you  ? If not, send me a PM and I'll send you a picture of me getting out of bed first thing in the morning. I will also include a number to call for free counselling . So I would be remiss if I did not mention that if you are reading this Saturday night or Sunday, you still have time to get an Anthology in. Just click on the bright orange banner or links on the Forums page for more information   Now before we get this wrap up done as some of us prepare to get


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

October CSR Discussion: Happily Ever After, Ltd. by Richie Tennyson

Did you read this fun, twisted tale from Richie Tennyson before or after I announced it earlier this month? Readers really seemed to like the new take on the old fairy tale genre. What did you think? Share you thoughts before, but make sure you check out my interview with Richie here first!  Do you eat your fruits and vegetables? I certainly do! What’s one location you’d love to go to research for a story? A small country town with colourful locals. I read lots of books set i

Weekly Wrap Up (Oct 17 - Oct 23)

Morning, y'all!  Sorry about the delay, Wildone is away and I completely lost track of the days!  The promoted author updates were pulled late, so if your story is not listed, please comment with a link to your story!!  Since we're already late, let's get right to it! 2021 Anthology #2 deadline is only a week away!  Get your stories in ASAP! Cia was here on Monday and Wednesday with this month's Classic Author feature! Tuesday, Valkyrie visited: Thursday, Cia was back!

Drama for Authors & Volunteers!

Heads up, Authors! We're still working on creating a great new sub-system for genres for authors, and during Myr's recent mine for data, one thing we noticed was that "Drama" is being used for many stories with no other genres on a TON of stories. Drama is going away with the new sub-genre system, and we want everyone to have a heads up that those stories will need to be moved to the correct new genre or sub-genre. Is your story primarily a romance? Comedy? One of the sub-genres we're coming out


Cia in Announcement

Meet the Anthology Proof Team

With the deadline for the upcoming anthology looming, we thought it would be a great idea for you to meet the dedicated team that does the final proof reads on stories!  Thank you @Valkyrie for putting this together for us!  *** The anthology proof team works hard prior to the release of each anthology to ensure stories meet basic editing criteria and follow GA guidelines.  Proofreading requires a meticulous eye for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and correct word usage.  We’re al
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