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Online Friends Are Family Too



Howdy y'all, welcome back to my neck of the woods. Certain blog posts and a tribute to a fallen dragon have got me thinking lately. The first time I sat down and read a friend of mine's work, I felt an instant connection to him. I had to send him a message and let him know how reading his stories affected me. I was nervous of his reaction. The message sounded a little stalkerish (not really, but could be interpreted that way). Anyways, long story short, this author got back to me and thanked me. We started talking that day and by the end of our conversation, we decided that we were "online friends". I want y'all to know, I have many people on this site that I consider to be an "online friend". 

These are the people who we only know through our computers. We've never met and probably never will meet in person. We might, one day, talk on the phone to each other, but that's doubtful. But, you know what? That's perfectly okay. I don't have to meet these people or talk to them to know that there is a type of love for them present. I consider them to be my "online family". We laugh together, cry together, and get pissed at the world together. But, most importantly, we help each other feel accepted support each other when one of our brothers or sisters is feeling down. 

I'll wrap this up now by saying...Thank you. Thank you for being my "online family". Y'all are the only family I have that accepts that I'm gay. But, that's a different story for another time. 

Lots of Love to y'all, 

Jay :cowboy: 

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