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Happy New Year and Announcements

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First of all,


Over the next few weeks, we will be doing a number of things around the site to simplify and streamline things.  We have a very large sprawl of forums at this point that are semi-active or less.  We are working on consolidating those so that only what we need is around.  The Announcement forum is the first thing that is highly visible that is getting removed.  We will post Announcements in the most appropriate blog going forward.  When we do so, we'll use the Announcement function to display it across the site. 


We are looking to spend 2019 focusing on Gay Authors core purpose:  Great Stories and Great Community.


I, personally, have rediscovered my joy in writing.  It has been buried for a long time in the focus on running the site.  I am planning on being very active in the Anthologies this year and I encourage others to do the same!


We will be making more use of the built in email system to contact specific groups about items of interest.  (For example, we'll email authors reminding them about Anthologies and how they are open to everyone and when the due dates are for submission).  But we can only use the system if you have your account set to receive site news:




Please make sure that this box is checked so that you can receive the occasional email from the site.  We will not use this for marketing or such things.  This will be for letting you know what's going on at Gay Authors.


All the best to everyone in this New Year and the best wishes for many more!

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Happy New Year GA, all of the authors, readers and staff. I have been a reader for awhile now and I have to say I have loved every minute of it. I’m never disappointed with the stories I have read.

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Happy New Year, to you Myr, to the GA team who help you make it all work. To the GA authors, thousands of GA members, past, present and those yet to come. Everyone here, started from scratch, any of you could make a difference, age is not a barrier, do a little, do a lot, hundreds or thousands could move a mountain, what a year, 2019 could be and wow, there are still 364 days left to go!


Have a really great year!


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