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GA's Newest Signature Author: Carlos Hazday

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Please join the Author Promotion Team in congratulating Carlos as GA's newest Signature Author! Carlos has been a member of GA for over six years and manages the popular Ask An Author feature in the GA blogs. He has over 900,000 words in the novels, novella, and short stories he has posted here at GA, including the very popular CJ series. If you want to check out that series and the rest of Carlos's stories, such as his latest story, Singer, you can visit his author page. I'm sure you'll enjoy what you find!

Congratulations, Carlos, on a well deserved promotion!

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Congratulations, Carlos! So stoked for you! 🥳

This announcement needs a bold red with a spicy nose, and smooth on the palette.. BRB. 🤗

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9 minutes ago, dughlas said:

Well damn, how did I miss this?


Thanks, bud.

Possibly because it wasn't up for very long. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so I requested it be posted the day before this months Ask an Author went up. Since that one's posting day's set in stone...

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