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  2. yesss.. @chris191070 and @Kitt I hope you are both okay.
  3. what a good day πŸŒ„ farmers market was a success βœ” long hike around the river was a success βœ” take out dinner date night was an unqualified success 😁😘 i do hope your day was good too @chris191070 you're in our thoughts
  4. Hope this gets sorted soon, so you can have your surgery and feel better, Chris.
  5. Sorry to hear that Chris. I really hope that you get moved soon so you can start getting better. xoxo
  6. So let's just go ahead and add this to the success column. The fireball softened the walnuts and I didn't add any extra cinnamon, but the taste is definitely there. It's a lot denser than the regular recipe and doesn't rise very much, but it tastes amazing! Thanks for sharing that one @Mikiesboy
  7. Still in hospital. Still no bed at other hospital. Still in pain and still on painkillers, struggling to keep food down.
  8. I'm going to make banana bread today using the recipe tim shared. I'm tweaking it just a tad and adding walnuts. But first I'm soaking the walnuts in Fireball πŸ”₯... I'll let you know how it turns out! Have a good day everybody!
  9. Did me the same way. He really can be a brat at times🀣
  10. You're welcome Sir went for a long walk tonight, then picked up great sandwiches from one of our favorite shops for dinner off to bed now sleep well DiC
  11. Chris, hope you have an easy recovery post surgery. Best wishes to you. Mike, that was a very lovely piece on vows and being steadfast to love in the face of change. I appreciate hearing from people who have a lot of experience at how to make a relationship work. Hello everyone else. Happy Friday.
  12. Chris - stay a head of the pain and you take care. good luck on the surgery. thanks for the update.
  13. Today was an odd sort of day. I've been in a good mood all day. It seems like the rest of the world was rather cranky. It's usually the other way around. The morning was one person after another calling or stopping by to complain about something. Some things were legitimate, some not. My manager bore the brunt of it. I got lost in finishing re-doing the HOAs bulletin boards. I like crafty things and I'm proud of how the came out. The only thing that got on my nerves today was @Wayne Grayposting a new chapter after I took my lunch and I had a lot to do this afternoon too so I had to wait.
  14. @MichaelS36 Sir has written a wonderful blog today. you should go have a look. He's a very good, thoughtful writer.
  15. Thanks for thinking of us, chris. We can't visit here either. It's hard on people. Just do what feels right... let them look after you. Take care of yourself.
  16. Still in pain, but on morphine. Just waiting on a bed at the hospital, where they will perform surgery. We're not even allowed visitors at the hospital in the UK, so reliant on phone calls from hubby. But I'm dozing 😴 quite alot because of the pain. Will try and keep you all updated.
  17. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just wanting to stop in and Say Hello. Here is a new recipe for pancakes that are different and tasty. Using a Muffin Mix. Muffin Mix Pancake Recipe Pancake muffin mix recipe Ingredients: 1 Package of Muffin Mix (We use Martha White, any flavor) 2/3 c. Milk 1 Egg Instructions: Combined all ingredients and mix until well combined and smooth So how are things with everyone?
  18. Just had the pumpkin version of these ... They weren't too bad.. a bit dense, but i think i will play with them and maybe use 1/2 applesauce and 1/2 pumpkin. But Michael enjoyed them for a change with some breakfast sausage. All in all, a successful thing and no added sugar in the recipe, we did add a little maple syrup on top.
  19. Ouch -- not had one but know people who have; know those things really hurt. Get better soon.

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