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YES! It's finally his birthday!

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Remember when it was your birthday here on GA, and along with a flurry of well-wishes from your friends, you also received a message from a certain someone, a man who you didn't know yet he also shared his wishes for a Happy Birthday?


Kewljim is his name and today is his birthday!  :2thumbs: 


 Thank you for your kind wishes to each of us 

  :joe: throughout the years Jim! Today it's your turn.  :joe:


:music: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  :music:


:thumbup:  I hope you have a wonderful day!  :thumbup:

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WOW!!!  Thank you ALL SO MUCH!!!

I didn't realize there was this group with all these great messages until someone pointed me to it.  I guess I've retired the Birthday computer (and had to look up my sign-on even) and not kept up with the Birthdays any longer. 

I've had fun doing birthdays over the past several years but I have no imagination so they all pretty much sounded the same. 

I DID have a GREAT birthday (bought a used car we badly needed, lol).  Thank you ALL <3

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