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This story was a long time coming.  Over a year in the gathering of our windblown wits and then..... the challenge.


Can three people who write similar themes bring those themes into focus and entwine factors from each others independent stories somehow back into our own?   So we set some guidelines and did our best to rock each other's world.  Focusing on our strengths and protecting our weakness.  I think Cia, Renee, and I pulled of quite the flight of fancy.



What do you think?

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I had so much fun writing my part of the challenge.... Well, most of the time, lol, but as with any story I was glad to get it finished and out to the masses.  Glad to have yours starting to post!!!

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heh...  I like to write vacation stories which is rather obvious in my writings...


thanks btw, I'm not quite sure how often this will post but you have about two months of postings to look forward in total.

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Definitely makes me wonder where Lugh goes on vacation :P   It is a great story guys!!!

:lol: I am wondering the samt thing ! hehehe :D I don't regret one minute that I bought Premium.. Great story !

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