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Prompt #250 - First Line

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Myiege - very poignant and touching. Loved the couple's interaction even with the drunken mess. 


Totallyy - great tension between the main characters. Loved the last line.


Great work from both of you!! Loved 'em!! :D

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Here we go again

Jarred from slumber at 3am

Thunder booms, rattling the windows

Lightning slashes through the rooms and the lights go out

The lights always go out when it storms

We check the windows, make sure they're closed

Then scribble a hasty note as we grab our cameras

Jump in the van

Tires squealing as we race towards the edge of town

Lightning is easier to see

Without power lines in the way

And houses

And trees

And silos to block us

We park by waving corn

Ready the gear and watch the heavens

Trying to catch flashes of light in a rain dark sky

Most times we fail and drag tail home as the storm is faded

Rumpled and wet and smelling of rain and cigarettes

Sometimes we’re rewarded by pink steaks and bright blue explosions of light

Just enough to make us eager for another storm

When the thunder booms and we laugh

Racing through the rain

Here we go again.

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