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Welcome our newest Editor and Beta Reader; Kev de Cauchery


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On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest editor / beta reader


Kev de Cauchery.


I'm sure Kev will make a valuable contribution to the GA Editing/Beta team. He is all set and ready to take on new authors. His favourite genres are romance and drama. He doesn't mind editing / beta reading 2nd drafts. He fully understands that Beta Readers are paramount to spotting logic, plot problems and consistency of character traits among other things.


When asked what comes first, plot or character  his opinion was that there is no hierarchy there, but characters are the ones who push the plot, and the plot should be aligned with character traits.


Welcome to the team, Kev.

Happy editing / beta reading.

But, mostly, happy writing.

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