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Welcome to our newest Beta Reader: Bachgen Cymraeg


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On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest Beta Reader


Bachgen Cymraeg



I'm sure Bach will make a valuable contribution to the Beta team. He is all set and ready to take on new authors. He fully understands that Beta Readers are paramount to spotting logic, plot problems and consistency of character traits among other things and that a Beta Reader is a ‘second’ reader to go over the story to see how it flows; kind of like a test pilot for the story for the author to gain feedback before publishing.


When asked what comes first, plot or character his opinion was that the plot takes precedence, since that is what keeps the story going and the reader interested. He is also of the opinion that a good plot is nothing without properly developed characters; who wants to read an amazing plot with the most boring characters imaginable? So one could start with an amazing character and build a plot around them. I guess it depends on the author’s initial thoughts and ideas about the story. I don’t think it’s necessary that either should come first but merely that they are developed properly.



Welcome to the team, Bach.

Happy Beta Reading.

Edited by LJH
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