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Gfd: Fanboys 5 Has Been Posted!


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Don't worry...even if you're not a "Gone From Daylight" fan, you ca still have fun with this teen love story! It takes place in a world where "GFD" has become a cinematic and literary phenomenon, along the lines of "Twilight", and two cute boys have found a connection through their fanboy service to the series! So check it out when you get a chance Cool?


Have fun....
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Oh I loved it, Comsie! I thought Parker was such a cute character, and it was sweet how he initiated most of the flirting. By the end, their interactions really had me smiling. :) It was another great story! But then again, I love all of your work. To be honest, I look for updates from you at least once a week! Your stories always seem to cheer me up when I need it, and make me smile when I don't think it's otherwise possible sometimes. You're a gifted writer, and I hope you continue this story and your other popular pieces for a long time to come. Your stories make a difference, at least to people like me. Keep up the amazing work. :)

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I wanted to say thank you for this! I really needed this! :) And you remind me of why I started writing in the first place! Thank you so much for taking a few moments to share this with me. I hope that I can keep up the standard and keep you smiling the way you made me smile tonight. :)


Sometimes the gas tank is on empty. Thanks for the fuel! You're the best!

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Thanks, Makende! :) And the next 'Fanboys' chapter is pretty much done already! Just gotta polish it up so it looks nice!


I just saw a recent trailer with Gavin in it about a week or two ago, and I was like, "WHOAH! When did THAT happen?" Hehehe! I forget the name, but he was a track star or something, I think. Awwww, such a cutie!

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Good to know) will be on the lookout)

I saw that trailer too,the movie is called Nine seconds. Its supposed to be his breakout film. Now if you were to do a fanfic involving him and say Troye Sivan and Asa Butterfield....that would be too much hotness in one fic lol

Keep up the great work though) It is very much appreciated,as are you :*)  :worship:  :thumbup:

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