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I'm Just A Stuff


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:rofl:  :rofl: :rofl:  "I'm just a stuff"... :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl: Well, we know their money isn't going to customer service reps fluent in English. lol   


I don't have a story like that, but I do have one about a food order I placed.  It was a pizza place out in your neck of the woods, Beagle. lol  I ordered a party-size pizza, half pepperoni and half cheese along with a salad and some pop.  We had people present at our meeting who did not eat pork, so we needed the cheese only portion.  Well, when I got the order, the entire pizza was covered in pepperoni.  So I called and told them their error and stated we needed a cheese pizza delivered because we had people who could not eat the pepperoni.  The girl I talked to huffed and then told me to hold on.  Then she comes back on the line and says "Well that's how they made it. Are you sure it has pepperoni on the whole thing?"  :blink:  :pinch:  :facepalm: I told her I knew the difference between plain cheese and pepperoni pizza and the entire thing had pepperoni on it.  OMG  They finally delivered the plain pizza, but were NOT nice about it.  No offer of a refund, no apology or anything. The manager didn't even seem to care, so we found another place to order from in the future. 

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I'm known for being a terror to customer service agencies everywhere. In my house, though, we don't calling it bitching or even complaining... nope, it's constructive hostile negotiations. I usually end up with what I want in the end, if not more. LOL



Catherine?????   :rofl:


That's what I picked up on immediately too. Suuuuure, your name's Catherine.

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She writes like the mother of a friend I had in high school.  She grew up in Korea and obviously didn't pick English easily.  It also reminded me of a few frustrating phone calls to customer service about Windows in the past, since I couldn't understand a damn thing the person was saying.  Fortunately, at least you could get the gist of what Catherine was saying - we'll do anything for you to get rid of that bad review before it affects our Christmas business. lol 

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:funny:   So funny ! :funny:  I hope you didn't delete your review ! :P

I saw no evidence of a refund, but regardless, my review was honest so I did not.

just a stiff is more like it

James! Who knew you could be so forward?

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