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Color Perception Test

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Basically, it tests how well you perceive different colors, and... it's timed.


The Test


Basically, I want to know how well y'all do. :)


The highest score I got so far was 39 points.


Edit: Make that 46 points! :D

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22 points. But I lost a lot of time at the start as i didn't know how to play :rolleyes:


Edit: trying a second time I saw the instructions at the start :facepalm: but still the same score, I'll try again in the morning. Also the light of the device you play on has an influence and moving it can help you see better :)

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31 but the last one was hard, I thought I was colourblind for a sec lol



Edit: 33 - wohooo.. Must go outside now, this was too fun :lol:

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25 on my desktop. It's really hard to see some of the minute changes, especially since the colours aren't uniform on some of the levels.


Edit: Best was 28, but I blinked after each screen to refresh my eyes.

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