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On GA: Most anything I've left a review on. If you like SciFi romances, @Myr has three great shorts. @MacGreg has a good one, he's writing call Dissonance. @Mikiesboy has some good ones as well. I highly recommend his story called Changes.


Off GA: There's some printed by Dreamspinner Press I would suggest, except one I've read. It's called 18% Gray. Stay away from that steaming pile of horse-hockey.

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You can't go wrong with any of DomLuka's stories.  Circumnavigation is a long read, but worth it, as are all of C James' stories. There's too many to list all of them, but Cia, CassieQ, Cole Matthews, Aditus, Parker Owens all have some of my site favorites.  AC Benus' Bound and Bound - the Curse and the Captives is one of my all-time site favorites.  That should keep you busy for a while. lol

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Maybe we should ask site admin to add a couple of extra buttons, one for recommending a story and one for recommending an author. This could then produce two listings one for reader recommended stories and one for reader recommended authors. Recommendation is often used by many of us before making decisions.

That raises two questions;-

For readers, what do others think?

For site admin, is this viable?


It will be interesting to see responses.

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"It Started with Brian," by Dan Kincaid.

Anything by Ronyx, whom I adore, especially "Brittle as a Bird" and its sequel "A Bridge to Yesterday." I also like "It's Not Easy Being a Tree" and "A Delicate Situation" quite a lot! He's a tremendously talented writer.

"Shane," by vlista20. 

"Noah's New Plan," by Rob Colton.

Anything by DomLuka, especially "The Ordinary Us."

"Crosscurrents," by Adam Phillips.


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