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...So, we had a few scares in my family over the past week and a half. I have family both in health care and in the military, and I wish they could stay as far away from this virus as human possible, but they don't have that option. Plus, I got really sick, myself, a few days ago (NOT with Covid-19! Promise! I'm avoiding that like the...well, let's not use the usual reference in this instance. Heh! This was something else entirely), and some of my friends at home really panicked, but it was a temporary thing that was totally unrelated. SO...rest easy.

Trust me, I actually *LIKE* being stuck at home! I've never been so relaxed. I'm even well RESTED right now! 😮 And you guys *KNOW* how much I hate to sleep! Hehehe! 

But my mom has been getting a little bit stir crazy lately, and she keeps trying to find excuses to leave the house. Like...WTF??? What part of 'potentially LETHAL global pandemic' are you not understanding??? One day, she actually went out to get the car washed! Are you fucking KIDDING ME??? Yeah with mask and gloves on, but...who the hell cares if the car is a little dirty right now???? What are you DOING??? That's not a necessity!!!


So....to stop her from making up stupid 'independent mom' excuses and trying to keep her (and myself) safe, I've been spending almost every waking moment making sure that she's got something to do other than go outside right now. So that's where I've been, for the most part, the last little while. But I'm still here. K? And we're doing fine. The family has been keeping up with one another on the phone and online to make sure everybody is doing ok, and sharing some good laughs as well! I even checked up on my dad once or twice. So we're doing great, I hope you guys are too!

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy! And we'll celebrate BIG TIME when we make it through to the other side of this mess. K?

Love you all!

Also got wrapped up in some video games that I never finished before. ::Giggles:: Selfish of me, I know...but such is life! :P

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Glad to hear that you're feeling better, Comsie.  :hug:  This has been hard on all of us. The local supermarket has imposed a new restriction: only one customer for every shopping cart. Grocery shopping will be tomorrow, but it looks like Morgan and I will have to divide the list in half and shop separately. But, on a brighter note, I found a series of "fairy tales" for LGBT kids: https://promisedlandstore.com I think they look very enjoyable.  :D

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