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  1. Robertmarcus

    Chapter 12

    Wow! Just...wow!
  2. Robertmarcus

    Chapter Thirty-Three

    Of course he should tell him. Everything! Jenn was absolutely right!
  3. Robertmarcus

    Chapter 22

    More please please please 😜
  4. Robertmarcus

    Chapter 16

    More please! Love this story! And yes it would be a very happy week
  5. Yes. More please 👍
  6. Robertmarcus

    Over The Rainbow • Part III

  7. Robertmarcus

    The Pen

    I am really enjoying this story. I have high hopes for both of them. And I can hardly wait for Teddy to tear Nate a new one. Nate is evil!
  8. Happy Birthday, Robert!! :wizard:  I hope you have a wonderful day! 

  9. Robertmarcus

    Chapter 34

    I've not commented on a story in along time. Ioweyou and one other author a thank you for your great stories!!! Thank you and please keep it up. Love can bloom anywhere anytime
  10. Happy birthday, mate. Here's hoping your day's a great one!

  11. Robertmarcus

    Chapter 18: Converted

    Wow. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Please please let him survive!!!!
  12. Robertmarcus

    Falling for a Bear

    I just love your stories!!! Thanks!!
  13. Robertmarcus

    Chapter 7 Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Exactly right!!!! Long live love and romance!!! Thanks Gary. I needed that.

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