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Chasing Rusty Parker - 16. Am I Supposed To Get Brain Damage?

Chapter Sixteen – Am I Supposed To Get Brain Damage?

They were out, in the slightly chill late night air, and Matty rubbed his arms to get the goosebumps off his skin. Sure thing, the chilly air didn’t warrant that reaction by itself, and that had everything to do with the sexy guy walking by his side.

And holding him by the shoulders casually, yet firmly and in a possessive way that did something a bit funny to Matty’s throat, which was getting drier by the moment. “Where are we going?” he asked and coughed for a moment to stop himself from squealing at the thought of being alone with that alley cat.

Oh, the guy was a tomcat all right. He moved with grace and was very much aware of his sex appeal. On one hand, Matty found it a bit funny. There was no way he looked like he belonged with that specimen of sex on legs. Which brought forward a proper re-evaluation. Did he look all right by Rusty’s side?

Hmm, he hoped he did, but that was just him hoping. “You’re a regular mystery, aren’t you?” he continued, seeing how his companion remained silent and seemed obsessed with caressing the side of Matty’s neck where his fingers touched while humming pleasantly under his breath and pleased with himself.

So, on the other hand, this situation was a bit unnerving. Matty doubted that all the lessons he had gone through with Rusty could have prepared him for what would follow. Not that he had a clear idea about that.

He grunted in surprise when the guy simply slammed him against the closest wall he could find and put his hungry lips on him. Matty let out a muffled ‘ouch’, since the back of his head had come forcefully in contact with the hard surface.

He stopped the guy by pressing hard enough against his shoulders to shift him. “Wait, I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s Jamie,” the other replied and smiled.

The light outside was bright enough for Matty to see that cat-like grin. “Um, Jamie. Nice to meet you.” He made a clumsy attempt to push his hand up so that they could shake on their belated acquaintance.

Jamie laughed and moved away enough to make room for that to happen. He threw Matty a lazy look. “Am I moving too fast for you, college boy?”

Matty snorted. “The way you said that, just now, it sounded like that’s the most important thing about me. Being a college boy.”

Jamie laughed. “Well, you guys do have a reputation.”

“What kind of reputation?” Matty was genuinely curious.

Jamie wrapped one arm around him and aligned their bodies. “That you’re very open-minded.” He moved one slow finger along Matty’s nose and then brushed it against his lips just enough to make it a tease.

In all honesty, if he hadn’t been so caught up in his fantasy of landing the king of Sunny Hill, Matty would have gone for a little bit of open-minded experimentation with Jamie. Sure thing, it was basically Rusty pushing him into this guy’s arms, and his plan of making the guy jealous was obviously falling through. It was hard to figure out his next step, so Matty thought of doing the next best thing for his own sanity.

He began talking and asking questions. “Have you been with many college boys?”

“None as cute as you,” Jamie assured him without toning down the seducer act. He moved in for another kiss, but Matty was ready this time. He dodged swiftly and kissed Jamie on the cheek fast as a way of apologizing.

“You’re a bit of a tease,” Jamie accused him, but he seemed more amused than pissed off with the situation. “What’s the deal? I’m not your type?”

Matty let his eyes wander over Jamie’s handsome face, the thick eyebrows, the straight nose with just the slightest deviation due to some fist fight probably, and the sexy lips curled in that award-winning smile. “If there’s a gay dude who says that, hand on heart, show him to me. If he’s not blind, I doubt all his senses. And his dick.”

Jamie laughed and grabbed Matty’s crotch playfully. “Yours is driving a tough bargain, my friend.”

He wasn’t hard, that was true, and that was only because his mind was so damned busy scrutinizing the possibility of dodging this guy’s advances and making Rusty jealous at the same time.

“Not his best day,” Matty admitted.

At that, Jamie pulled back and stared at him, his eyes filled with confusion. “Don’t tell me I have to cure you of not having a sex drive,” he said. “It’s all right. I just need to know what I’m working with. I can take you slowly.”

Talking about misunderstandings. Matty was about to start an attempt at explaining, but Jamie knelt in front of him and pushed his chest with one arm so fast that his head met the wall again.

“What are you doing?” he asked and sucked in a breath as Jamie worked his fly and began stroking his cock through the thin fabric of his underwear.

Okay, so crushing on the king of Sunny Hill aside, Matty believed himself to be just a simple man. The feeling of that hot mouth on him, and the beautiful sight of having that handsome man at his feet, were enough to send a little twitch through his nether parts.

“Ah, it looks like it’s working just fine,” Jamie said with satisfaction. “How would you feel about me blowing you for starters, college boy? You can return the favor later.”

Well, now that’s what things moving too fast had to mean. Matty searched his mind frantically for an excuse, while his cock seemed all too happy to ignore any rational recommendation and advice.


After a few minutes of intense deliberation with himself and watching the duo from afar, Rusty believed himself quite entitled to intervene. That hard shove against the wall had Jamie’s signature all over it, according to the rave reviews the man got from the dudes he nailed, but it looked like Matty wasn’t all that comfortable about being manhandled like that. Some conversation of sorts had followed, and Rusty had hoped Matty would tell Jamie off, a first in the guy’s life, for sure.

Nope, Matty was now pinned to the wall, and Jamie was all intent on going down on him. Rusty pursed his lips. No way, he couldn’t let that happen. Matty wasn’t that easy. Their lessons together didn’t count. He was supposed to play hard to get, shove the guy on his ass, and leave with his head high.

How come he hadn’t taught that lesson to Matty? They were supposed to have gone through everything together. Well, it wasn’t the student’s mistake, but the teacher’s.

And Rusty had every intention of correcting the situation, promptly and without delay. Therefore, his teacher title allowed him to do what he did next.

“Hey, no sex on campus grounds or something,” he yelled out loud.

Jamie got up to his feet and turned to give him a piece of his mind. “Rusty, what the fuck?”

Rusty walked over to his dubious acquaintance and patted him on the back. “Thanks a bunch, man, but Matty here just failed the test.” He eyed Matty’s crotch an instant and was satisfied to see that the white briefs still covered that pretty, bouncy thing Rusty was already acquainted with.

“What test?” both Jamie and Matty asked at the same time.

“The resistance to players test,” Rusty said promptly. “I didn’t tell you about it, because it would have influenced the final result. Obviously, Matty needs more training.”

Jamie ran a hand through his hair. Damn, the fucker knew how he looked. Even now, that pissed off act was a good act. “Rusty, dude, are you cockblocking me for real? Me and Matty here, we were just getting to know each other.”

“You were just getting ready to suck his cock,” Rusty offered matter-of-factly.

“My point exactly,” Jamie said and threw his arms out. “That’s how guys get to know each other.”

“By tasting each other’s cum?” Rusty inquired. From the corner of his eye, he noticed how Matty had buttoned his fly back up and was now observing his convo with Jamie with what looked like great interest.

“The most straightforward way for the gay,” Jamie joked. “Now,” he said and took Matty by the shoulders, “do you see what you did? You scared the virgin boy.”

“I’m not scared,” Matty replied. “And, what the hell? Why would you tell him I was a virgin, Rusty?”

“It’s not like I slut-shamed you,” Rusty protested.

“Just virgin-shamed me,” Matty accused.

Strangely enough, Rusty couldn’t tell whether Matty was really pissed or just pulling his leg. His face was in shadow, so not easy to examine for signs.

“How are we going to play this?” Jamie intervened. “Are you going to let us get properly acquainted, or are you going to be a douche about it?”

“I’ll take the douche part,” Rusty said with conviction and pulled Matty to him.

That earned him a surprised look from both of the guys.

Jamie stared for a moment, looked like he was about to stand his ground, but then stepped down with a crooked smile. “I see how it is,” he said. “Well, you owe me some gas money. Douche,” he threw over his shoulder. “See you another time, Matty.” Jamie offered his best smile this time. “When your jailer’s not around.”

Matty put a hand up to wave at the guy, but Rusty caught it and pushed it down. “Don’t. Didn’t I teach you anything?” he asked, once Jamie was out of earshot.

“What the hell, Rusty?”

Wow, quiet, calm Matty was a bit pissed.

“What do you mean? I saved you from getting your dick sucked by some playboy.”

“For real? A playboy you invited to the party. By the way, don’t forget that you owe the guy some gas money.”

Ah, fuck. Matty was sooooo making fun of him. Well, Rusty believed himself to have a right to act like the injured party, then.

“When,” he began in a teacher slash parent’s voice, “did I tell you that you should be easy?”

Matty pursed his lips in thought and rolled his eyes as if he was trying to remember, and then he delivered his line. “Practically all of the time.”

“That’s not true,” Rusty protested, rightfully indignant.

“Yes, it is. All your teaching was about going for it.”

“Not for just any guy’s dick, though. Where on that asshole do you see written that he goes to some Ivy League school?”

“It didn’t appear to be tattooed on him, but I had every intention to check his entire body for that particular tidbit,” Matty replied promptly.

“Ah, really? And he doesn’t drive a Lexus. Just some stupid muscle car.” Even if they were doing this to have a little laugh, Rusty felt like his blood was getting hotter and rushing quickly to his head.

“Maybe I like muscle cars a lot better. Fuck the environment,” Matty said in too serious a tone to be taken seriously.

Okay, the little prick was kind of asking for it. Rusty caught him by the front of his t-shirt and pushed him into the wall. “Do you also like to be shoved up against a wall like this?”

Matty groaned and rubbed the back of his head. “Am I supposed to get brain damage tonight or something?” he grumbled. “You know what, Rusty? Maybe I do.” He grabbed Rusty by his very nice shirt and pushed back. “And I’d also like to have my dick sucked for a change. By some sexy dude, ‘cause that’s basically what you prepared me for.” He pushed his index finger into Rusty’s chest for emphasis.

“Is this your way of telling me you’re pissed because I didn’t return the favor?”

“What do you even mean by that?” Matty pushed himself into Rusty’s face to make his point.

“I mean that you’re pissed at me because I didn’t suck your dick back.”


Okay, okay, so this had to be the strangest conversation ever, and Matty felt like he was treading dangerous waters. Technically, Rusty had given him some oral satisfaction while Matty had been dressed in his cat boy suit, but only the simple mention of the guy’s beautiful mouth on his naked dick made his knees buckle a smidge.

However, he had gotten this far. Rusty had just cockblocked him, and it had to be for a damn good reason, even if neither of them was willing to say the truth out loud.

Or so it seemed.

“Well, since that’s the case, how about I suck your dick right now?” Rusty offered in a heated voice. “Will that teach you not to let any bad boy touch it with his mouth?”

“I had no idea I was supposed to resist,” Matty began. “Wait, what? Do you really mean it? Do you want to suck my cock?” There went all the hoping. Stupid hoping. Rusty was probably just pulling his leg.

Rusty grabbed his hand. “This party sucks, anyway. Let’s go to your place, and I’ll teach you what kind of guy you should allow to get that near to your cock.”

Matty already knew the answer to that one, but he wasn’t about to tell Rusty. He had to be dreaming that he was being dragged across the campus to his dorm, that his hand was in Rusty’s and it felt so good, and that he really could expect his wildest fantasies to come true for a change.

“Why do you say the party sucks? Should I have hooked up with the goth kid instead?”

Rusty let out an outraged scoff. “Neither of them was good enough for you. I should have seen that.”

“Because of no Ivy League degree? At least, I think Jamie’s dick must have been pretty big.”

That appeared to be the wrong thing to say. Rusty turned to give him a withering look. “And how do you know that? Did he show it to you?”

“No. But he plastered himself all over me. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t some rocket in his pocket,” Matty joked.

Rusty didn’t find it funny. His grip on Matty’s hand doubled and he began to walk so fast that Matty had to run to keep up. “Come on, Rusty, who pissed you off?”

“You did by failing your test,” came the reply. “You’ll get a blowjob you’ll never forget. That’ll teach you.”

Matty was pretty sure everything Rusty said was true. The only problem was that he had no idea what kind of teaching he was supposed to take away from it.


So, Matty didn’t think him capable of giving head or something. He must have thought himself freaking lucky to have a bad boy like Jamie, with tattoos and his annoying muscle car, to go down on him. And he even had the nerve to think that Rusty must have cockblocked him just for the lulz, although he hadn’t said anything like that.

He let Matty open the door, but the following instant, he was on him, pushing him to the bed and ending up between his legs and all over him. “Teach, I believe this is quite the compromising position,” Matty dared to tease him.

“Shut up,” Rusty mumbled against Matty’s lips, dizzy already with the anticipation of tasting them again. “You didn’t even notice how nicely I dressed up, only for you.”

Matty sniffed him delicately. “You don’t seem to be drunk--”

“I’m not high, asshole,” Rusty corrected him before he had the chance to say anything. “I mean it.”

Matty surprised him with a gentle pat on the head. “Doctor Rusty, you look dashing tonight. Or is it Professor? I never know with you.”

“I like keeping you on your toes. Now, where were we?” Rusty turned his head so that Matty wouldn’t catch him smiling. That compliment sounded genuine, regardless of how it had been delivered.

He made his way down Matty’s body, with the intention of getting to work right away. However, his earlier bravado seemed to have diminished quite a lot. Rusty couldn’t say why it had angered him so much to see Jamie about to blow Matty. That had been what he wanted all along, to give Matty a taste of free sex with a sexy guy.

Only that it hadn’t worked that way. No, the moment he had seen the two, chatting friendlily, and then getting to the hot and heavy stuff, some irrational feeling had taken over, telling him that he was about to be robbed of something that was meant for him and him alone.

The problem was, he hadn’t expected to be faced with the mechanics of putting his plan in motion, with nothing in-between to help the play-pretend, something like a latex suit. He was face to face with Matty’s crotch, and he was in a dilemma.

With one deep breath, he decided to grab the bull by the horns and dragged Matty’s pants down along with his underwear. The thing bounced so fast it hit him in the nose. “Ouch,” he complained.

“Not my fault,” came the mumbled protest from above.

“You can’t really say that,” Rusty shot back. With all the courage he was capable of, he took hold of Matty’s cock, pretty and hard and leaking precum, and stared at it with hard eyes. “Were you really going for that bad boy? Were you?” He shook it a little. That made Matty snicker. “You shut up.”

Matty pushed himself up on his elbows and their eyes met. “If you didn’t want Jamie to get it on with me, why did you call him?”

It was a very good question. A very good question, indeed. And like all good questions, it belonged in the special drawer that Rusty kept only for them.

“Aren’t you going to tell me?” Matty pressed.

He was annoying. He was an annoying little shit and he knew it. Rusty decided that there was only one way of getting out of the situation. Before the dive, he closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide.

And then, the unfamiliar sensation of having his mouth filled with a hard living pulsing thing spread through him like wildfire. He had watched girls going down on him so many times. They seemed to like it a great deal. He had watched porn, and oral sex was like foreplay for almost everything, even the kinky stuff.

He hadn’t done it himself, though. With one sure move, he pulled Matty’s cock out of his mouth and clicked his tongue a few times. When he looked up, he only saw an arm thrown over Matty’s face, and what was left visible of his face had an unmistakable crimson color. “Don’t tell me you hate it now. You can’t possibly hate it,” he protested, hoping that really wasn’t the case.

Matty didn’t uncover his face. “Rusty, if you don’t want me to start thinking up ways to strangle you, please, just continue.”

Oh, so it was good. Well, now that gave him a little bit of confidence, didn’t it? Rusty set himself up for the job and moved his mouth back on the hard cock in front of him. It was satisfying to move his hand up and down and feel it get so rock hard, even more than it had been the second before.

To make things even better, Matty moaned softly, barely audible, as he clearly tried to keep his voice down. Rusty wanted to tell him that it was all right, and that it would give him a mighty good boost of confidence if Matty just gave him a moment by moment review in as many glowing words as possible, but, in a way, this was good, too. He felt a bit of unfamiliar shyness preventing him from asking, so he decided that it was better to deliver on his promise, after all.


It was as real as it could possibly get. Rusty was there, kneeling between his legs, and he was taking his cock in his mouth. Matty wanted to pull out his phone and record everything so that he could prove to himself that he wasn’t dreaming, but it would have been a dick move, and that was the last thing he wanted Rusty to think of him.

For fear of not ruining the moment, he didn’t dare move and kept his face covered, as he was burning with embarrassment and too much excitement. Since it was probably the only time in his life he’d have the king of Sunny Hill giving him a blowjob, the idea was to make it count and last for as long as was humanly possible.

In a way, though, it was a lot more difficult to ignore what was going on with his eyes closed. He felt everything with a clarity that his endorphin-soaked mind shouldn’t have been able to register, from how Rusty’s warm breath blew over his skin to how a tentative tongue was tasting him slowly. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think that the unabashed king of Sunny Hill was approaching that blowjob with care and a bit of constraint.

That last thought hit him where it hurt. He removed his arm from his face and looked at Rusty. “Rusty,” he whispered, ignoring the heaviness starting to weigh on his heart, “if it’s just a dare, if you don’t feel like it--”

Rusty stared at him for two moments, Matty’s dick still in his mouth, and looking damn good for it, and then pulled it out to speak. “I totally feel like it. It’s just that I’ve never done it. Don’t be so quick to judge, jeez.”

Matty blinked. Rusty blinked. They blinked together at the same time. “Do you like it?” Matty dared to ask first. “At least a little bit?”

Rusty shrugged. “Eh, I don’t know.” Then, he burst into laughter. “Just kidding. It’s quite good. I don’t know what the big fuss is about it all.”

“What do you mean? Don’t you like having your dick sucked?” Matty shot back, feeling a bit peeved by that reaction.

“Yeah, I totally do, especially when it’s by someone as pretty as you. But I was expecting it to be more hard-hitting, you know? The moment I put my mouth on a guy’s dick.”

Had Rusty thought about it before? He was open-minded and did everything that crossed his mind, so why had he refrained from that particular temptation? Matty didn’t know how to wrap his mind around that. “Sorry if it’s so underwhelming,” he said.

Rusty held Matty’s cock and patted his cheek with it like it could help him think. “It’s not like that at all. Now, shut up and enjoy it. As your teacher, I should have gotten to this point already. Consider this sort of a making up for lost time.”

Matty couldn’t argue against that.

“And feel free to tell me when it feels bad and when it feels good. And when it feels amazing. Or just four and a half stars.”

“Oh, gawd, Rusty,” Matty moaned and put a firm hand on the blond head, “just suck my cock already.”


Well, it was surely nice for a change to have someone tell him what to do. And Matty had a nice authoritarian voice when he got the hang of it. Rusty went back to the blowjob with a lot more confidence and enthusiasm. This was getting better and better, he realized, as he now understood what his little flicks of the tongue did to the owner of the cock he was blowing.

Matty no longer kept his voice down. Besides his cute soft moaning, the occasional sharp intake of breath made him think that he was practically getting a raving review on the spot. Jamie with all his conquests could go fuck himself and settle for second place, ‘cause another champion was in town.

That was basically the pep talk he was giving himself while going hard at it. The way Matty’s cock curved up a bit made it a challenge to take it too deep from that position, so Rusty got himself a bit higher and used his hand to help him milk the thing for all it was worth.

“How is it, Matty?” he asked in a heated voice and watched the other, who seemed lost to the world if the expression of pure bliss on his face was any indication.

“Rusty, it’s beyond five stars,” Matty immediately delivered, “and you’re amazing, too.”

“Okay, now order me around a little bit more.”

“What?” Matty asked, not quite understanding the question, by the looks of it.

“Yeah, be the boss. Tell me how to suck your cock.”

Instead of doing that, Matty surprised him by grabbing hold of the hair at the back of his head and pushing him down.

“This works, too,” Rusty agreed, feeling free to go for it without any guilt attached.

Matty had a firm hand for a guy who liked to keep his nose in books all day long. Rusty really, really appreciated the thought. It gave him something more to think than about how hard that cock was in his mouth, and how much he enjoyed it. A lot more than he would have thought possible, that was sure.

Because of Matty’s taking charge, now the curved cock hit at certain angles that made Rusty choke a little. He raised one hand in surrender. “Just a little bit,” he demanded, without needing to be too explicit.

“Sorry,” Matty whispered, “but just get back to work because I’m really close.”

So much honesty made Matty a pretty interesting boy, Rusty decided, and that was one thing he really liked whenever he had met that particular trait in people. It was hard to be honest, and he knew it to be true.

He focused on the blowjob again, stopping his mind from wandering. It made it all the more real, how full he felt, and how much pleasure he could take from making Matty moan and squirm like that.

“Are you going to swallow?” Matty asked breathlessly. “Please, just tell me now--”

Rusty didn’t answer that. Instead, since actions spoke a lot louder than words, he just went as deep as he could and applied the pressure needed to squeeze Matty’s cock harder. Yes, he had never done it himself before, but he had had it done to himself so many times, and that knowledge had rubbed off on him plenty.

A wave of delicious spunk hit his mouth, and he struggled to keep it in while still moving his lips up and down. Soon, his entire mouth was full, and Matty was whispering all kinds of dirty niceties, like how good he was with his mouth, and how much he enjoyed giving it to him and making him swallow like that.

Rusty removed his mouth eventually and took in the moist cock falling to rest like a tired warrior on Matty’s belly. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “Now that is what I call a blowjob,” he said with satisfaction. “What do you say? What’s your final rating--”

A hard pull and firm lips seeking his made him stop talking. Without a moment’s notice, Matty was all over him, kissing him, forcing his mouth open, and hugging him with both arms and legs.

“Hey, if you’re in the mood for cum that badly, I have some hard candy waiting for you,” Rusty joked, although he liked that wave of effusion. It said a lot more than all the verbal praise he was expecting for a job well done.

“Just don’t say a word,” Matty said and kissed him again.

Rusty no longer protested, and let Matty climb on top of him and kiss him at length. Did Matty the virgin boy know just how dirty and sexy that was? He was probably aware, because he was giving him a thorough dental checkup.

Not that it wasn’t good. Rusty was well aware of how his best friend was twitching desperately and begging to be released from the confines of his nicest pants.

Yet, it felt somehow like a thing that was beyond sex. Rusty really didn’t know what to think of that. Matty was kissing him not like he was just grateful for getting his dick sucked. He was doing it like his life depended on it or something, and that gave Rusty a sudden rush of an unknown feeling never experienced before.

A part of him wanted to stop Matty. Another wished nothing else but to let him continue. Whatever it was, it was worth exploring, Rusty decided. Learning new things could never hurt, right?

Matty let go of his mouth and breathed one time, deeply. “That was the best blowjob of my life, Rusty.”

Rusty laughed, comforted by getting back on familiar ground again. “It was the only blowjob of your life, Matty.”

“I’m sure my opinion won’t change for the next eighty years or so.”

“Wow, planning to live for one hundred years?”

“Why not? I exercise, I eat healthy. And since I met you, it looks like I have quite the satisfying sex life.”

Matty was joking. That was comforting, too. Rusty wrapped one arm around him to hold him close. He sighed in satisfaction as Matty groped the front of his pants. “How about my turn?”

“Don’t let me stop you,” Rusty joked and hissed as Matty went a little hard on the Mighty Thor.

“By the way, after this thing, what kind of friends are we? I mean, was it only one time or--”

“Nope. We’re going to do it again. Let’s be cocksucking friends,” Rusty offered.

“Cocksucking friends? All right. I think I like that.”

How could he not? Rusty put his arms behind his head and smiled, while Matty went down on him.


He-he-he, I can't wait to read your reactions...

Until next time,



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