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Only Prompts - 29. The Date

This continues the story of Whitley and Charlie, from The Reno . The prompt for this story was #855 Creative: First line.

"Wow, is that what you really want?"

“What? For you to be happy?” Steve sat in the van with Charlie. “You’re my twin. I know when you’re happy or miserable. I’d like for you to be happy.”

Charlie held the unopened, white foam cup on his right thigh and turned to look out the passenger side window.

“You can look away, but you know I’m right.”

An ember of anger glowed in Charlie’s gut. Breathe, just breathe.

Steve unrolled the paper from around his cold-cut filled sub. He took a bite, chewed and at the same time said, "You better eat, cuz this isn’t a party you’re at today.”

"Really?" Charlie's head swivelled. "I know you think you're older and wiser cuz you’ve been breathing five minutes longer than me, Stevie, but I wish you’d just butt out of my life … especially my love life.”

“He’s a nice guy. He’s Gay, lives alone and has a real job and he said maybe he could help you with a real job doing carpentry on movie sets. I never said you have to f’ing marry him!”

“Dinner? You made me a blind dinner date to talk about my career? Really?”

“No, not really. Actually, I’m hoping you both fall in love and he marries you. Then I hope you’ll start a business together, get rich, move out to La La Land and then I only see you at Christmas when you host a huge family gathering at your mansion.”

Charlie sat with his mouth open for longer than he should. “You are such a shit.”

"Whatever. Come on. He's nice-looking, I guess. And he's willing to go out with you." Steve grinned broadly and sipped his cooling coffee. “When’s the last time you went out with a man?”

“Besides you?”

Sighing, the older brother answered, “Yes, besides me or your father.”

Charlie watched a lady walking her dog stroll by. “It’s been too damn long.”

“Then, you don’t have to thank me for having your back.”

“Fine. I’ll meet him.”

"Excellent. Eat, then go and say hello. Set up your arrangements, and then get your ass back to me so we can start working on suite 110."

“You want me to go and ….”

“Don’t you want to meet him?” Steve twisted up the sub wrapper and pushed it into his empty cup. “Okay, I’ll take you to meet him.”

“Fine.” Charlie pulled his chipotle chicken wrap from its paper and took a bite. “What’s this guy’s name?”

Steve grabbed the paperwork and ran a finger down the page. “Whitley Nolan.”

"Sounds old-fashioned."

“Don’t judge a book by its cover or its name.”

Charlie said nothing until he finished his wrap. "Okay. Let's go do this."


Steve knocked on the door.

Ley opened it. “Hey. Um, did you forget something?”

“Yeah, I just thought maybe you’d like to meet your date for tonight.” Steve reached over and pulled Charlie into view. “This is my younger brother, Charles. Charlie.”

"I'm Whitley. Most people call me Ley." Ley stared at the two men. Same blue eyes. They are identical.

“Hi, I thought it be better if I came by before our date.” Charlie leaned on the door frame and grinned. “I hate blind dates and the I’ll be wearing a neon green sweater thing.”

Steve smiled. “I’ll, um, get on my way. Don’t be long little brother.”

Charlie was gazing at Ley as his brother walked. “Sure. Be right there.”

Ley grinned. “Would you like to come in for a minute?”

“Yeah, would that be nice. Thanks.”

Ley led Charlie to the living room. “Have a seat.”

“Thanks.” Charlie sat on the sofa. “Should I apologize for my brother?”

Ley grinned. “No. He means well.”

“Yeah, most of the time.” Charlie looked around the living room. There were several framed movie posters. “So, lots of movie stuff. You like films?”

Ley leaned back in his chair. “Didn’t your brother tell you?”

“Not really. He said you’re involved with them somehow.”

“Yeah, I have been since I left high school. Started at the bottom. I worked my way up to First Assistant Director.”

“Sorry if I sound ignorant, but what's that mean?"

Ley thought for a moment. "Well, basically we are the Director's right hand. We plan the filming schedule, work with the Director and all the department heads to get everything organized and done. It starts in pre-production, and we have to be ready to deal with just about anything."

“I’m guessing that’s the simple version.” Charlie’s eyes wandered around the room. Lots of film-related stuff, but some nicely built furniture and some good original art. He has good taste.

Ley chuckled. “Yeah, it is. Every film is different, and this job doesn't have regular hours."

Charlie’s attention returned to Ley. “Is that a warning?”

“Yes and no. I mean it’s my job. I prefer to explain to anyone I may be interested in how it can be.”

“Fair enough.”

“So, you still willing to have dinner with me?”

Charlie smiled. “Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Me too.”

“I better get going. Steve needs my help more than he admits.” Charlie grinned broadly as got to his feet.

The two men walked to the door. They exchanged phone numbers. "I'll call and make a reservation and text you the info. Oh, and Steve said you may be interested in a carpenter's position on sets. I can tell you more about that later if that's the case."

“Actually, yeah, I’d love to hear more.” Charlie smiled and stepped out of the apartment. “See you later.”

As he walked away, Charlie’s smile didn’t fade much. He seems nice. Interesting too. I have to admit it would be nice to have a boyfriend or a lover, at least.



Ley sat in the restaurant. He gazed down at his shaky hands. I can handle a million things at once but leave me in a restaurant alone and …. He looked at this watch. Geez, Ley. He’s not late. He’s gonna show up. Calm down.

The waiter came by. He smiled. “Breadsticks? Would you like a drink? A glass of wine?”

“Thanks.” Whitley looked up into the gray eyes. “I’m expecting someone.”

“So, perhaps an antipasti platter and Chianti?”

“That sounds great.”

Smiling, the waiter made a note. He then took a menu and pointed out options for the shared platter.

After several minutes and discussing different options and flavours, Ley asked, “That should be enough, don’t you think?”

“You and your young lady should have enough.” The waiter smiled.

“She’s a guy actually.”

"Oh, I shouldn't presume. I'm sorry. Still, you have good bold options, and if you're ordering main courses, that should be plenty."

“It’s okay.” Ley grinned. “Thank you for your suggestions.”

The waiter nodded. “When I see your companion join you, I’ll put the order in and bring you some wine.”

“Thanks. That sounds perfect.”



After parking the car in Fortuna’s lot, Charlie turned off the engine and sat for a few minutes. This is so weird. It’s like I never date. He laughed at the truth in that statement. Well, maybe I don't much. But I have a good feeling about Ley. He seems sweet, and he's good-looking. Always a plus!

The carpenter got out of the car. The night air was warm and filled with the scent of lavender and bougainvillea. Charlie walked to the front of the Italian restaurant. As he pulled the door open, he smiled. This could be the night that changes everything.

Stopping once he’d entered, Charlie looked around, and then spotting Ley, he walked toward the table and his date.

“Hey. Sorry if I’m a little late.”

Ley jumped to his feet. "Hi. No, you're not late. It’s good to see you. Sit down.”

“Thanks.” Charlie sat down. He stared down at the table.

Ley’s heart hitched. Shit, it can't be going wrong so soon! Say something! “I … I um, I’m really glad you decided to join me. I … the waiter will bring wine. Oh, shit.”

Charlie watched as words poured from Whitley’s mouth. “What? Wine sounds nice.”

“I just assumed you drink. Did you drive?”

"Hey … Ley, it's okay. Yes, I drink, and yes, I drove. If I drink too much, I'll leave the car. Actually …” Charlie dug into the front pocket of his dark chinos. “You take them.”

Ley accepted the warm car keys. “I walked over. And you must think I’m a complete freak.”

“No, well, not yet, at least. Let's have some wine and some food and talk." Charlie smiled and reached across the table to pat his date's hand. "Things are fine, and I don't think you're a freak. Nervous a bit, but so am I. I don't get out much."

"Really? You seem so … so sure of yourself."

Charlie laughed. “Maybe I’m in the wrong job. Maybe I should be an actor.”

Ley leaned in toward the man across from him. “You’re too normal to be an actor.”

Before Charlie could answer, the waiter arrived with a bottle of wine. "Here's your Chianti. I'll bring your antipasto shortly." The gray-eyed waiter smiled at each man. "May I pour for you?"

"No, that's okay we'll pour, thanks," Charlie said.

Across the table, Ley nodded.

“Certainly.” After placing the bottle in front of Charlie, the waiter moved away, making his way to the kitchen.

“Wine?” Charlie picked up the decanter and held it over Ley’s glass.

“Yeah, thanks.” Ley watched the wine fill his glass, and then he sniffed the fruity liquid.

Charlie lifted his own, held it out and touched Ley’s glass. “Cheers.”



An hour later, the pair were finishing dessert. Ley had given the waiter his credit card.

Charlie lay down his fork. There was still a bite-size piece of tiramisu on the plate. Reaching around, he picked up Ley's fork, stabbed the cake and held it up to Ley's lips.

Ley smiled. “You sure?”

“Positive. You enjoy it.” Charlie held the fork as Ley accepted the offering. He looked into his date's eyes. "I've enjoyed this; being with you."

“Me too.” Ley gazed back at Charlie.

"I'd like to walk you home."

Their waiter returned with the receipt. “Thank you. Have a great evening, guys.”

The two men smiled at the retreating server. “Thanks.”

Charlie grinned and turned back to his date. “I’d still like to walk you home.”

“Okay. I’d like that.” Ley picked up his credit card. “Ready?”


The pair left the restaurant, and Charlie slipped his hand into Ley's. "This okay?”

“Yeah. I like it.”

Back at the flat, Ley and Charlie settled on the sofa. Ley explained what being a carpenter on a movie set could be like.

“You’d also have the opportunity to travel as well.”

Charlie smiled. “Really? That’s attractive.”

“Yeah, we normally have several carpenters travel to a location. The pay isn't bad either, but the hours can suck."

“Really?” Charlie’s smile broadened. “That’s even more attractive.”

"You're attractive too."

“Thank you.” Charlie reached for Ley’s hand. “I feel the same.”

"I'd like it if I could come home and see you the next time I travel."

Charlie leaned close to Ley and kissed him softly. “Somehow, I don’t think that will be a problem.”


“No.” Charlie smiled. “I guess I should go, but I really would like to stay.”

It was Ley’s turn to smile. “I don’t think that will be a problem.”




To be continued….

Thank you to my excellent editor and friend, @mollyhousemouse and @Wayne Gray for reading this for me. Thanks to you who read it. I welcome your comments, and thoughts and reactions.

Copyright © 2017 Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.
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3 hours ago, dughlas said:

This made my heart feel good. I think that may be exactly what you intended. Nicely done.

Thanks dugh. As someone noted recently, we need happy endings. i do like to write them.  Thanks for you comments.

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A great short story which is complete in itself, but which could also continue if that's where you want to take it.

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3 hours ago, Mawgrim said:

A great short story which is complete in itself, but which could also continue if that's where you want to take it.

Thank you. There have been two of these, I'll likely write one more about these two but i don't see it becoming a longer project. I appreciate you reading and your comments, @Mawgrim

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