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It's Not Easy Being a Tree

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The internet can be a dangerous place sometimes. Chat rooms can be perilous. Sixteen year-old Woody Fields finds out too late just how sinister a place they can be when he begins chatting online with another mysterious boy.

This story contains graphic sex and language that may not be suitable for some readers. It also deals with inappropriate and criminal adult behavior with minors. It is written as a warning to demonstrate how dangerous internet sex can be for young individuals to participate.

Copyright © 2011 by Ronyx All Rights Reserved

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This was a satisfying and profound story - "It's Not Easy Being a Tree" represents the very best of GA content.  


What a well written portrayal of the dangers of online sex for a youth - the story had so much excitement, tension & fear and ultimately took us to that scary place we suspected it was heading towards from the beginning.  The journey had many twists and was a worthwhile tale on many levels.   To me, this is one of the most socially relevant and meaningful stories on GA.  It shows @Ronyx  at the peak of writing talent as an author.


As a pediatrician who handled many abuse cases (and was on a special review board for them), I was utterly amazed at how aggressive and impervious any moral boundary the worst sexual predators can be.  Mr. Dewberrys don't come along that often, but I would say that @Ronyx did in fact portray him quite realistically.  I've also seen teen (and child) lives ruined by the public fallout from sex assault cases, with permanent changes to family dynamics as well.    On the other hand, I've also seen young partners where the older boy gets unjustly portrayed as a predator and enjoys their own personal destruction at the hands of the full weight of the legal system (like Connor could have been). 


I wish something like this story could be published by Scholastic Press and distributed at school libraries.   God knows it would do some good.

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Very intense and triggering story. Super infuriating and beautifully well written. Take precautions proceeding with this story if you were abused as a kid. 

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A fantastic story from @Ronyx. We learn about the dangers of the internet, as Woody tries to discover who is gay. We learn a lot of things from this wonderful piece of writing. Highly recommend as a read.

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