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The Nekromancer - 106. Chapter 106

A village sat beyond the latest door, small and dilapidated. Jakun stared at the place, filled with bustling catfolk going about their business without a care in the world. In the distance, he could see a wall of dust rising into the sky, an army approaching the village swiftly.

“Goblins,” Aofe provided. “At least a thousand of them. Your trial is to save the village.”

“On my own?” Jakun frowned.

His guide nodded.

“You have an hour before they arrive. Good luck.”

She vanished and Jakun ground his teeth in frustration. This would be impossible for an entire guard force, let alone one mage. He almost wished he was fighting the dragon again.

Closing his eyes, Jakun thought briefly. He didn’t have time for actual fortifications, but it wouldn’t be hard to put a few summons to work. That was it, he’d fight them off with summons. But they had to be strong. And he hated to admit it, but the strongest summons would probably despise him. Still, he had to try.

Besides, he could probably make them see things his way.

Raising his hands, the catfolk called out to the planes, a summoning that he had never yet performed, but needed to have work for the sake of a village.

“Lasau kaegro agathion.”

Five small creatures appeared, their vulpine fur matted and their flesh rotting. Jakun approached his new undead companions, slipping each of them a gold coin from the pockets of his robes.

“I need you to defend this village. No harm can come to the inhabitants from any being, living or dead,” he said.

The five scattered, one chanting spells nearby while the others began the painstaking process of fortifying the village as best they could within the time restraints. They had twenty minutes to work before his spell expired, but they would at least accomplish something by the time the spell ended.

There was one other thing Jakun would try, something a lot more dangerous. In Quantium, the mage had worked with Mythara to figure out why summoning Ivris had gone so poorly. In the process, he had discovered a more neutral calling spell. If it worked here, he would have a strong temporary ally, one who should turn the tide of this fight in his favour.

He removed a handful of silver powder, sprinkling it in a large circle upon the ground. Taking a moment to ensure the circle was whole and perfect, the catfolk knelt, pushing dark energy into the circle and directing it inward. Any good aligned creature to enter the circle would now be trapped. It wasn’t even half the battle though.

Raising his hands, Jakun began chanting loudly as Mythara taught him, calling forth energy that he could use to buffer his own internal power. Precious minutes passed as he channeled the arcane power, before Jakun finally felt he had enough for what he was about to do.

“Si relgr vi Planetar!”

His voice boomed across the area, carrying with it the force of will to see his demands done. There was a bright flash of light, and a large emerald being appeared within his trap.

Instantly a contest of wills began, one Jakun cut swiftly. He had no desire to fight this creature; he needed the angel’s aid.

“Peace. I do not wish to fight, merely to ask for help.”

“You trap me in a burning circle, one that insults my very being.”

“Temporarily. It gives me a bargaining chip,” Jakun explained, his ears flicking. “Would you remain otherwise?”

“Speak so I may leave,” the Planetar said sharply.

“I seek to protect a village from goblins. They have almost arrived, and I need an ally who can help stop them. My summons are insufficient, despite my best ideas. I do not seek to use your abilities for evil.”

“This village is a figment of your imagination. There is no reason for me to aid you.”

“Aiding me would elevate me to godhood. From there, I can positively affect the world for good.”

“Yet you are an evil creature, one who stains my sight with undeath.”

“And one who has tried to do what is right for much of his life. My evil actions are justified in my eyes, and yet I have already paid dearly for them,” Jakun argued. “With your help-”

“You would escaped Pharasma’s judgement. You are already on the minds of many divines Jakun Amurrun. We know you and your intent. Answer me this. What would you do with divinity, should it be granted to you?”

“Abolish slavery. Fight those who would turn necromancy to evil purposes, and end the stigma of using an evil tool for good. Neutral beings exist, and I intend to be one, regardless of my undeath. I can aid the forces of good with tools the good are too afraid to use themselves.”

Each word that rolled off his tongue filled Jakun with resolve, the catfolk’s emotions building as he worked to convince this being that he was not evil, that he deserved to be helped.

“And what is in it for me? I risk my very being to save an imaginary village.”

“What is it you seek?” Jakun asked.

“From a godling, the destruction of evil. Neutrality is not a choice when it comes to being good or evil. Balancing along the middle only aids the suffering of the innocent.”

“My intent is good. My tools are evil. It is the way I am, the way I have learned, and I accept it. I do not profess to be evil, or to admire those who are in any way, nor do I seek to be truly neutral in my dealings. The gods themselves have labelled me evil, a label I strive to ignore each passing day. I deal with the dark for good purposes, I use their power against them. Tell me angel, am I truly evil?”

“You are chaotic to the extreme. On the one hand, you would seek to do good, on the other, you would debase the dead for your own gain. Summoning corpses does not make you any less evil than reanimating them yourself. What would you do when a child is burning? Use a skeleton to carry her to safety, giving her nightmares and putting her soul in jeopardy?”

“If her soul is in jeopardy for being saved by undead, then the gods are unjust. She lives, and memories fade. It is a good act,” Jakun urged. “We can speak in what ifs until the goblins come. It matters little in the end. If you wish it, I will hunt down necromancers. I will lead armies against demons and those who would do ill in the world. But I will not deny my own abilities, for that would destroy me.”

The angel looked out over the encroaching army, his eyes expressionless as he contemplated the catfolk lich.

“You disgust me in every way imaginable. Yet, you would be an ally against greater evil. Very well. I shall do as you ask. Release me from my prison.”

Jakun’s foot reached out, scuffing the silver circle, and the angel spread his wings.

“Fly to the battleground. We will face them away from the village,” he said, before taking off in the direction of the goblin hordes.

Jakun followed a moment later, elementals carrying him on the wind.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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