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The Nekromancer - 13. Chapter 13

Amnor Sen grunted as he supported Jeremy. He had sent Jakun off to bed near an hour ago, intending to follow close behind. But Jeremy had insisted on finishing his gods damned bottle, and now the paladin had to deal with his drunken stupor.

If this had been anyone else, Amnor Sen would hope the morning's hangover would keep this from happening again. But a servant of the Drunk God? There was no way Jeremy would ever stop drinking.

"By the gods you are adorable…"

At least the man was not a violent drunk. Small reliefs.

Opening the door to the bedroom, Amnor Sen looked around in awe, a sole rush candle providing much needed light. All of their supplies had been removed from their bags, placed neatly in various places. It would be a major pain to deal with in the morning, yet Amnor Sen felt his heart go out to the cat who had no doubt spent the last hour organizing their room. And for a single night's stay…

He sighed, lifting Jeremy in his arms.

"I'm flying!" the human giggled.

"Not yet."

With a grunt of effort, the paladin tossed the cleric at the bed, his aim perfect.

Jeremy bounced once before rolling dangerously close to the side of the bed. Amnor Sen stripped down to his underclothes, his gambeson ripe with the stench of near a week of nonstop travel.

Sinking into bed next to the drunk cleric, the elf sighed, pulling Jeremy into his body.

"You are such a pain… but I love you."

"I love you too, you stiffie…"

He began plastering Jeremy with tender kisses, the cleric's neck an obvious choice for his affections.

"Lemme get naked…" Jeremy slurred. "I wanna do you in a real bed again."

His hands pulled at his shirt, Amnor Sen stopping him gently.

"You're drunk," the elf announced, as though it would have any bearing on the cleric's choices.

"Best time to fuck. We can do fun things," Jeremy leered, heaving Amnor Sen's arm off his body so he could continue his work.

With his shirt removed, Jeremy flopped over, his arms working their way around the paladin.

"Fine, if you're so eager…"

Amnor Sen glanced around the room, finding a pair of wands on the table. He grabbed the one crafted from hawthorne, trying to remember how to use it.

"No no no… we don't need the wand…" Jeremy frowned, trying to grab it.

"Really? And what is the wand for again?" Amnor Sen asked innocently, letting the man take the stick.

"Remove poison-"

The tip of the wand glowed a muted white, Jeremy's eyes clearing as the alcohol was whisked from his body.

"Aw fuck… I can't believe I fell for it again…"

"Believe it. You know you're not the smartest when drunk."

"Yeah, but at least I didn't just waste ten gold worth of wine."

Amnor Sen chuckled quietly, letting the man pout. He didn't see it that way. They had drunk the wine, had their fun, and now they could have a different fun.

"You know I don't like having sex when you aren't sober," he chided gently.

"Well… I suppose I am sober now."


He rewarded his beloved with a passionate kiss. One which Jeremy returned with vigor, his sorrow at the loss of his inebriation vanishing in a haze of lust.

The remainder of their clothing was discarded in short order, Jeremy reaching up to caress Amnor Sen's solid back. The elf lowered himself slowly, setting a soothing weight onto the cleric. He received a huff of momentary discomfort for his trouble, Jeremy's body adjusting to his weight with shorter breaths. The cleric pulled the elf down, their lips meeting in a tender embrace. He felt calm again, relaxed and unhurried.

Just the way Amnor Sen wanted him.

The paladin's hand ran between their bodies, seeking out Jeremy's short length. He squeezed it gently, working a moan out of the human's mouth.

Now if he could find where Jakun had put their grease…

And there it was, sitting out in wait for the paladin. He breathed a quiet thanks to the neko for his astute thinking, even as his hand scooped up the grease to slide between Jeremy's cheeks.

The cleric moaned in delight, his hole winking as Amnor Sen toyed with it.

"You were really cute, talking about topping me," the elf chuckled.

"Hey, I had to try. It's been… two years? A while since you last let me."

The cleric grunted as he was penetrated, Amnor Sen lubing his innards. A gasp followed as he was left empty, then a yelp as he was entered again, this time by the elf's warm, long length.

He never had to stretch much for Amnor Sen, never hurt too much. It was like his body had been made for the elf, Amnor Sen's pleasure becoming his pleasure.

A slow stroke, the elf carefully sliding into the man as the bed crinkled under them. Straw really wasn't the best bed for this, but after a week of liaisons under the stars, neither complained.

Indeed, there was too much action for them to complain. Amnor Sen let out a rattling sigh as his rod was enveloped, his hips meeting the perfect globes of Jeremy's ass. The human was writhing under him, soft, needy moans begging the elf to move, to fuck him deeper.

Jeremy's legs wrapped around the elf, gently guiding him forward even as Amnor Sen slid out slightly. The elf pushed in again, slowly starting a rhythm as he fucked his beloved. The bed thumped in time with their moans, until, far too soon, Jeremy was howling his release into Amnor Sen's neck, the elf humping quickly to catch up to his partner.

They collapsed together, panting heavily as Jeremy's seed glued them together. Slowly, Amnor Sen slipped out of his mate, plastering kisses over Jeremy's face.

"Every time we do this, I thank the gods that you found me," he sighed happily.

Jeremy could only nod, exhaustion overtaking him. He pulled the elf down on him, tiredly playing with Amnor Sen's ass as he slowly drifted into sleep.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.

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