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The Nekromancer - 85. Chapter 85

Amnor Sen knocked on the First Mate’s cabin, hearing a muffled curse from within. The door opened a moment later, Nihm scowling at the elf as he pulled a shirt on over his chiselled green chest.

“What do you want? Did your boy drop water on someone again?” the orc grumbled, rubbing at his eyes.

“Actually it’s your boys this time. They challenged Jeremy to a duel and lost. I believe the terms were ten gold a piece?”

“Fuck… what do you mean? Is anyone hurt? Gods, they better be hurt or they’re going to be hurt…”

“Not that I know of, but they did scatter rather quickly when Jeremy beat their ensorcelled champion while getting blackout drunk. A word to the wise, clerics of Cayden Cailean know how to fight drunk. They do it for fun,” Amnor Sen pointed out. “I am not sure what you intend to do about the ones who started the duel. I understand if Jeremy is to be punished. Again. But there is still the matter of honour. Your men lost a bet, and they appear to be hiding so as not to pay up.”

“Fine, how much do they owe you?”

“Two hundred gold, from my understanding.”

“Two hundred-”

Nihm looked like he was about to faint.

“If you weren’t a holy man…”

The orc pushed past the elf, storming through the ship toward the stern cabin. He rapped on the door loudly, a muffled voice calling for them to enter. Nihm and Amnor Sen stepped into a rich cabin, a velvet carpet running the length of the room, and a straw filled bed sitting against a wall. A dark skinned man in smallclothes sat on the bed, yawning widely. He bit off the yawn with a frown, taking in his two visitors.

“Oh no. We are not having a repeat of his punishment,” the captain grumbled. “I don’t care what he did to you this time, we’ll just dump him at Sothis and be done with him.”

“No sir, it was not him. Well, it was, but from the sounds of it, it wasn’t his fault this time,” Nihm frowned.

“No sir, from what I could tell, he got drunk and let some of the crew talk him into a duel,” Amnor Sen explained. “He won, and the crew decided collectively not to pay the gold they wagered on their champion.”

“He should get no gold. Duelling is prohibited aboard this ship, and even gambling is frowned upon,” Captain Varis scowled.

“Be that as it may sir, both parties seemed to agree to the terms, until Jeremy won, at which point, the crew present made a concerted effort to flee. For a cleric of Cayden Cailean, a duel is a matter of honour. When Jeremy wakes, he will feel slighted, and it will only make matters worse. I’m not saying what he did was right, but at the same time, he appears to be a victim of a scam created by your crew.”

“A scam? And just how is an illegal duel a scam?” Viras glared.

“The crew bet two hundred gold on the outcome of the duel sir,” Amnor Sen said. “The three of us understand there was no way they would have been able to pay up regardless. To bet that much and be unable to deliver is bad form.”

“It sounds like an obvious scam that your husband should have easily seen through.”

“In Jeremy’s defense, meagre as it is, he was likely drunk at the time and not thinking of the ramifications of his actions. I understand if you see fit to punish him for duelling on the ship, but the fact of the matter is a cleric of the god of contests was challenged, won, and is being denied his reward. Such a thing is a slight on Cayden Cailean himself, and I do not believe you wish to anger a god, sir,” Amnor Sen said.

“And just how do you suppose we make my crew pay? None of them will ever see a sum as princely as two hundred gold. Even I barely make that in a year,” Varis snapped.

“Sir, you could pay the cleric off, and then inform the crew you will be docking their pay. Any who try to flee in port will be hunted by bounty collectors until their debt is paid off,” Nihm suggested.

“That’s not legally binding. As soon as we land, we are subject to whatever laws govern the nation we are in. Not to mention that your husband broke the law of the ship by agreeing to the duel,” Varis glared at Amnor Sen. “His victory money should be forfeited to the ship.”

“So be it. Have your crew give him his winnings so he may pay you as the captain whose law he broke. It’s convoluted, but it will satisfy all involved. Your crew is yours to deal with,” Amnor Sen said. “Regardless, someone will need to explain to him why he will not receive his money.”

“Losing their wages over a fucking duel… Nihm, drop everyone to half rations of beer. If they want to act like drunken idiots, then we’ll take the drink from them. They’ll pay with their alcohol,” Varis growled. “Sir Paladin, I leave your husband in your hands. You may remain aboard until we reach Sothis, in three days' time, at which point, seven hundred gold will be returned to you from the money you paid for passage to Absalom, and you will leave my ship. Is that understood?”

“Perfectly,” Amnor Sen nodded, his mind already starting to plan a way from Sothis to Absalom.

He turned and left the room, making his way back to his berth. The paladin was pissed; once again Jeremy had cost them. If he didn’t love the cleric, he would have left him over this whole fiasco. It was inane what the drink was doing to the man, and this time, the elf felt his husband had gone too far. There would be the hells to pay for this.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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2 hours ago, IBEX said:

wasn't it 200 silver? Someone upped the ante, it seems!

A hundred silver each. Jeremy was a little too drunk to really count properly, but that comes out to ten gold a person, with twenty people betting. 

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I think the captain is being a royal dick - nobody told Jeremy the law and he was not even the challenger! 😂


but I’m looking forward to what Amnor Sen will do next ❤️

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