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The Nekromancer - 61. Chapter 61

"It makes no sense Jeremy. How did they know to attack us right at that moment?"

Amnor Sen glared at the two prisoners, gagged and bound to the side of a wagon. They had been dragged along for the last few days, Amnor Sen sharing his own rations with them when it appeared no one else was willing. They looked unhealthy, thin. The paladin wondered what was wrong with them. Were things that desperate that they would try to attack a caravan.

Obviously they were. And it didn't speak well of Nex as a whole.

"Well, simple tactics say you want to attack into unprepared enemies… or something like that. They probably saw us and were like, score," Jeremy shrugged. "We'll turn them over to the law in Finderplain tomorrow and be done with it."

"I honestly doubt that will be the end of it," the elf grunted. "They attacked in Nex. What does a city in Katapesh have to do with justice in another nation?"

"We'll have to take them to Longjaw and back?" Jeremy frowned. "That is… a difficult task. It's already depleting our guards."

"This wasn't just a sudden attack. They literally split their group and coordinated the attack. Something like that has to take more than ten minutes of thought."

"So what, are you saying they were told about us?"

"That's what I'm thinking," Amnor Sen grunted, standing up.

He made his way toward the prisoners, Niss coming out of nowhere to grab his arm.

"Hey, I need you to put up a fresh rotation for the night. Zalgus is complaining of a burning eye, and he won't be any good on watch," the orc grunted.

"Okay… Srida could probably take his place… but that would be a double watch…" Amnor Sen sighed quietly, turning away from the prisoners.

Approaching the center of the camp, Amnor Sen looked around slowly, trying to place guards and merchants. The attack had left three of the guards dead, and two others injured beyond Jeremy's skills. As they recuperated, their spots had to be filled. He had thought he'd done a good enough job figuring everything out, but now…

"Excuse me, Sir Elf…"

A small hand tugged on his arm, a human girl standing next to him.

"I want to work with the guards," she said nervously, playing with her straw-like hair.

"You can't fight," Amnor Sen said immediately. "You're too young."

"I can see though, sir. And aren't caravans supposed to avoid fighting?"

The elf sighed quietly.

"Good point."

He thought for a moment, making adjustments mentally.

"Okay, you go tell Lyer that he will take my place on third watch for the foreseeable future. You and I will take the second watch together."

"Yes sir!"

The girl ran off happily, searching for the man. Amnor Sen let out a loud sigh. She wasn't ready, and he knew it. But they were short several guards, and this would help. Without cutting into the guards who were needed to guard the prisoners.

The prisoners…

Turning, Amnor Sen started walking. He needed to talk to them, to get to the bottom of this.

A loud commotion broke out, Niss arguing with another merchant. Amnor Sen growled, rushing over to try to break up the fight.

"Hey! Settle down!" the elf snapped, grabbing an arm.

A large green hand slammed into his face, Amnor Sen yelping as his skin broke, blood flowing under his eye.

"Damn it! I SAID STOP!"

The entire camp froze, staring at the enraged paladin. Jeremy ran over to him, Amnor Sen waving his husband back as he held an arm over the injury.

"What is wrong with you? We're already fighting the environment and fighting monsters! We don't need to be fighting each other too!" he snarled. "Niss, Dayth, what are you arguing about?"

"She started it," the dwarf snapped. "She said her steel could beat mine any day. Everyone knows your blades are found, you green pig!"

"Your steel is made with intentional flaws so you can create repeat customers!" Niss growled, her fist red from Amnor Sen's blood.

"Enough! Both of you! Dayth, your steel is fine. Niss, why the fuck are you arguing with people under you?" Amnor Sen demanded.

The orc grunted spitting at the ground by Dayth's feet.

"Because he's a two fold wannabe who has no purpose in a caravan. I bet he couldn't even fix an axle."

"You bitch! I will end you!"

Amnor Sen grabbed Dayth's arm as it swung, yanking the dwarf off balance.

"Calm down. Niss, just run the caravan and stop fighting everyone or you'll end up with a knife in your bed," the elf grunted. "We can't protect you from yourself."

Scoffing, the orc stormed away, heading toward a wagon. Amnor Sen released Dayth's hand, letting the dwarf go about his business as he turned back to Jeremy.

"That fucking hurt," he grumbled, as Jeremy pressed a hand over his injury.

Warm energy flowed into him, the wound healing swiftly, leaving the slightest hint of a black eye.

"It was Niss-"

"I know it was Niss. She seems determined to keep me from talking to the prisoners. You'll have to do it," Amnor Sen growled.

"Really? Why would she try to stop you from talking to them? And if it's that important, why not have an accident happen?" Jeremy wondered.

"Too obvious."

"And this wasn't?"

"Good point," Amnor Sen sighed. "She must be keeping them around for something. It would be easier to dump them, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah… I'll see what I can find out," Jeremy relented. "You owe me one though."

"Well shit, why don't we find a place by the river?" Amnor Sen grunted.

"Nah. But we are supposed to stop in Finderplain for two days, right? Maybe we can find a nice house to spend the night in," Jeremy smirked, kissing the paladin. "You be safe tonight. Don't go breaking up too many fights."

"I'm trying not to," the elf sighed quietly. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Niss interupting each time Amnor started toward the prisoners was too obvious. He's way too nice. He should have returned the blow.

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3 minutes ago, drpaladin said:

Niss interupting each time Amnor started toward the prisoners was too obvious. He's way too nice. He should have returned the blow.

For someone who is so dedicated to keeping peace, he seems to be in the wrong profession.

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13 minutes ago, Yeoldebard said:

For someone who is so dedicated to keeping peace, he seems to be in the wrong profession.

One might quote the Strategic Air Command's motto, Peace is Our Profession.

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It shows Amnor Sen is from a monastery. 

So they have a traitor among them? 

And the little girl really got me curious... 

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