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How to Make a Rainbow by B1ue (Gabriel Cruz)

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I'm don't normally read a lot of poetry, and the idea of reviewing a poem is as alien to me as... well... Australia winning the Superbowl.


However, I found that I got a lot out of this poem. There were things I saw as I read that I hadn't expected.


Crimson: The colour of righteous anger, and also of blood spilt in a worthy cause.

Orange: I have to say that the imagery of medication and nighttime games ending with a sunrise was a surprising one. I've always seen sunrises as beautiful, but I can appreciate that it's a bittersweet sight after an all-nighter.

Yellow: The colour of age and regret, rather than the colour of light.

Emerald: Envy and money. This stanza struck me as themed on selfishness. Both the selfishness of those that neglect children, but also the selfishness of those that wish they didn't have to hide. It's too easy to blame those who don't have to hide for keeping oneself hidden away.

Blue : The hope shown by clear skies.

Lavender: I liked the reference to old but resolute, and even though the poem refers to raisins, I couldn't help thinking of prunes, which fits the purple theme colour. This stanza is one of my favourites, tying together pride, age, experience and with a hint of royalty.


The final thing that struck me about this battle-cry rainbow was that a rainbow is only visible when you are looking at the rain, with light behind you. Even if there is pain and agony there, there is light there too, or the rainbow wouldn't be able to be seen. It was that message of hope that I took away at the end.


Thanks, Gabriel!

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I liked it very much. :) I have a weird thing... the other day I found out they have a name for it (wikipedia is the shit). Basically, I put connotations/personalities/something with... well, lots of things. You stood the chance of making me very stand-offish by putting the wrong thing with the wrong color, but it was surprisingly unclashing.


I'm aware that a lot of those words aren't technically words.


Anyway, point to that was that I liked it. :D Great job.

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I really liked it. It's not usual to have poetry in anthologies and I'm glad that you had decided to post your poem. :)


Like the others pointed out, you didn't go according to the clichesque imagery of colour and interpreted the colours in your manner. That made the beauty of the poem.


Good job



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