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[Viv] Viv - Underneath This Big Ol' Sky - Part 5

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Wow, this only gets better with every chapter :worship: .


What I can say without a doubt, is that the scenes of Tracey and Casey describing their internal feelings to themselves was some of the most powerful stuff I have read from you. At times I had to purposely slow down, as I was getting caught up in the emotion of the scene.


I was really happy for both when they finally began to talk to each others, and started to share those feelings with each others.


I really can't see anything in the way of them becoming even closer in the future. Caty knows, Will seems to know, they know, so let's hope that the past is the past and they move forward together.


I'm glad that Caty is so accepting of her twin, and probably will be his biggest supporter going forward. Hopefully Will is the same to Tracey. And it seems like everyone will support Paulette as she begins to give into her feelings for Jackson.


I might want to slap Will silly until he realizes what he is missing. It seems like he is putting Caty through hell without even really noticing.


I hope that all works out for the dance, and everybody finds what they are looking for.


Do you think you can release the next chapter.....like tomorrow :D .


Thanks for sharing this wonderful story Viv :hug: .


Steve B)

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THANK YOU VIV!!!! I love the story and I love you for taking the time out of your schedule to provide such a grand adventure. Now I may just have to start bugging you for a new adventure though :wub: j/k.


I'm with steve(above) though. I would like the next chapter if you please.


Thanks again Viv



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Viv - I really love this story.


Teeming with extravagantly vivid characters. The depth, insight and sheer storytelling make this story such an absorbing and engaging read. :thumbup:


Can't wait for the next chapter.


tracy :)

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Agree with all above.


Next time I'm guessing Will and Caty might confuse there feelings to eachother soon.


Finally Casey told someone else about what he feels about Tracey :D


So far I love seeing the emotions each of the characters are going thru.


Next chapter soon please :P

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The relationship between Casey and Caty, just makes me heart stop. A relationship like this is one filled with happiness, love, passion but most importantly trust. Casey opens his heart to his sister, needing someone to talk to. And there she is with open ears and arm's wide open. The best thing is she doesn't push it out of him. I'm sure she's known for a while, but she really has done a good job keeping it to herself and I admire her for that.


Casey and Tracey makes me happy inside. All is going well and here's hoping things only get better for these two.


Thanks for another wonderful tale Viv.



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Well done, Viv! :great:


This is my last anthology story to read. I knew it was going to be great, and I wasn't disappointed. The opening half of the story is a beautiful and powerful exploration of tentative feelings between Casey and Tracey. It was just magic. :wub:


The way Casey told Caty, too, was fantastic. So believeable and so tender. It was very deftly done.


I don't know what else to say? Just keep up the good work! :2thumbs:

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Viv said she couldn't think if a story to go with the summer theme, so we just have to wait....

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Okay, maybe next one or even a little longer, maybe it can also be not an anthology piece as well.


Any idea when the next chapter might be posted?????


This is such a great story I would hate to see it left hanging



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About this story. I really enjoyed this "series" and I was wondering if there will be another installment.


I put up a portion of the next part in my blog recently. I'm working on finishing it up, but you can get a head start if you want a sneak peak over there.

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Hey Viv, it seems (and is!) to be aaaaaages since we visited the lives of Casey and Tracey. Has the Muse abandoned you over this one, or has the wicked 'real life' just gotten in the way? Would love for this story to continue, if your Muse is with you!



seraph74 :)

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Hey Viv, it seems (and is!) to be aaaaaages since we visited the lives of Casey and Tracey. Has the Muse abandoned you over this one, or has the wicked 'real life' just gotten in the way? Would love for this story to continue, if your Muse is with you!



seraph74 Posted Image


in a nutshell!

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I'm sorry , guys. I will finish it, I promise. It's just very hard to write a love story while your own heart is breaking. Give me a little time to get myself together, and maybe then I can write again without it being sad and helpless. Thank you for being patient and not giving up on me... I always remember you're out there.

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