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[Cia] Figuring It Out by Cia

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Figuring It Out by Cia

Out of everyone who stares at him, Kiron hopes that one person is staring for all the right reasons. With his best friend pushing him to take advantage of college life and finally meet someone, Kiron is tired of being lonely. It's just not as easy as Ramiro makes it sound.

:nuke: :nuke: Spoilers Below!!! :nuke: :nuke:

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Thank you Bandage. You are always my most ardent fan. Big :hug:


Loved it and wanted to ask a question:


Have you dated a person with disabilities before?


No, but not only have I worked with plenty of people with disabilities, I have faced situations where I've felt like I could understand them. I'm legally blind without corrective lenses or contacts so quite often I'm forced to feel my way around if I can't find my glasses (ala Velma from Scooby Doo, it's sad really) and I was in a car accident at 19. I mangled one of my legs so bad I spent time in a wheelchair and wasn't that fun! Since my muscles were shredded and my knee fused with scar tissue I had to learn how to walk again. I used a walker and then crutches and then a cane. I got a lot of curious stares, a lot of whispers, and a lot of 'what the hell happened ugh looks' when people saw my scars.


I got better and I don't have to live with visible disabilities like many people do and I'm thankful for that. But I think I know how it feels to be the person who faces those challenges. Dating a person with diabilties is more something I had to imagine, though my husband did it quite well, so I just drew a lot from his no nonsense attitude toward dealing with the problems I faced.

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Cia, I really liked this!


The reveal upon leaving the elevator was superbly done, causing a mental shift from prior assumptions.


I also very much like the attitudes displayed. Bravo.


I was even stunned (And relieved) to see that, unusually for you, there was no cliffhanger at the end.


I think what I liked most was the accepting and supportive - but not oppressive or of a feeling sorry for kind - way Ramero was portrayed as helping Kirian; the occasional offer to push. Well done on that, it paints the relationship well, though with the economy of words needed in a short story.


I was in a wheelchair for six months in grade school, due to an accident that injured my leg. That was long enough to give me a view as to what its like for those who are disabled, and I've always tried to keep those lessons in mind. What you wrote is IMHO a just right. :)


Thanks Cia!!!


CJ :)

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Thank you Harry! I'm really glad you enjoyed that. The story was full of so much relationship drama that I really did want to give the ending its own bit of flair. Thank so much for reading!

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