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Jonas Marks is your average teenager. He just graduated from high school and is awaiting a chance to go to college in the fall. The only problem is the fact he is gay, and made the huge mistake of coming out to his homophobic father. When he is thrown out of his house and ends up living on his friend Jenny's couch, Jonas knows the time has come to alter his life. However, in trying to get his life back on track he takes a job at Kroger's, a place well known for the rich items they sell. The problem is Jonas' new boss isn't like anyone else, in fact, he isn't completely human. Jonas' life has taken a strange turn and before it is over his life will never be the same again.


Special thanks go to Andy (better known to most as Quonos10) - who said the Anthology piece really needed to become a full story and stepped in as the beta to make sure it happened, and to Frostina - who as usual has stepped in to prevent me from screwing this up as she edits it for me.

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Thanks. The chapters are all written, at least up through 9 at the moment. I had a lot to fill in and create with this story. It is fun and a bit different from my normal style of writing. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy it.

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I suppose it's a bit gauche of me to comment on the story I'm helping on, but I still really loved this story. Jonas has a real feel, even though the concept is fantasy. I usually try NOT to comment on stories I'm working on because I'm always worried I'll give something away, but I figure these comments are general enough that they won't spoil things.


Anyway, I am thrilled to be helping you, but in truth, you don't really need my help to make this great. I'm just riding your coattails. Posted Image

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Yeah double today and tomorrow...I'm surprised that my words aren't all blurring together yet. If I read right now my review probably wouldn't make much sense Posted Image


I really like the story, It was my all time favorite anthology!

Edited by KC Grim
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I originally read the anthology story back when I was browsing through the anthologies some weeks back. After the last chapter, I had to go back and compare the four to that story as written, because I was feeling too much like I was re-reading the same thing over again, just stretched out into chapter form. It took re-reading to be able to see the new, fleshed-out material.


Personally, I'm eager for the craziness to start. :D

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Yes I'm fleshing out the short story, adding the details as I go and I have a beta and editor keeping me from going too far astray. Glad you notice the differences and hopefully you are enjoying the story.

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I'm really liking the pace of the new Jonas and the new details. I can't wait for more Posted Image


You know me, I like to give you enough to keep you happy, but not enough you know what is going to happen. The nice thing about expanding this, is I get to slide in new events and things that I just didn't have time for. Wait for the sword. LOL.

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It seems the "S" word is sword. But is it a phallic symbol?


Not phallic, more of comedic. lol. Needed to show that even among all the wild parts of Jonas' life there are still things that can make him smile.


Oh and for those interested Chapter 6 is up now.

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Patiently waiting for more Jonas Posted Image


Sorry, been sucked into a black hole temporarily and is presently waiting on his author to finish his latest chapter which is about 4/5ths complete.

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