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The New Rebecca Black?

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From the same people who brought you Friday...this is...It's Thanksgiving.



Remember the raging Thanksgiving dinner parties you threw at 13? LOL.


There's something sad about society that parents are letting child make asses out of themselves in order to get their 15 minutes of fame. Or, more appropriately, four minutes of fame.

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Remember the raging Thanksgiving dinner parties you threw at 13? LOL.

Totally, Ashley from 3rd period made the best broccoli casserole and Mikey from homeroom got his brother to hook us up with Pepsi

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This girl achieved what many thought was impossible: she made Rebecca Black look good by comparison.


In other news, the single most amusing part about this horror-inducing brain-numbing piece of vapid pop-music tripe, is the actual Youtube page for it.


The most liked comment: "thank god thanksgiving was not on a friday"


I too am eternally grateful for this fact.

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