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Why we will always win

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Isolately came to the conclusion that all the straight people with a bonkers religious conviction that disobeys the love thy neighbour commandment should be rounded up, put in a field and bomb the bastards to prevent them from reproducing. But before we send in the planes, we should further isolate all the ones that have made more gays and put them in a different field, so we can go and laugh at them for being so stupid as to risk putting cock together with pussy, given the rather high odds that they'd make more. Of course, you'd have to put up a sign saying don't feed the knuckledraggingfuckwits apes, but it wouldn't offend them because they don't believe in evolution and wouldn't have the first clue what you were on about.


If only they were bright enough to realise that a woman is born with her eggs, and is therefore carrying around 10% of potential gays at all times, and that a man who makes several million sperm per day at a rate of 1500 per second, has the potential to be making, carrying, and nurturing 150 new potential gays every second. Straight testicles are apparently so happy with the idea of gays that they are busy making plenty of little gay sperm all the time ... or maybe it is a secret desire working subconsciously in the straight guys's balls.


The real irony is that just as the holier than though religious straights are busy making more gays, they're also making 900% more idiots than gays, then contaminating the good people incubators (also known as church) with this as yet undiscovered shower of interloping ass stabbers.


!!!!!! "Whaddayamean 900%. It's not possible to get more than 100% of anything" !!!!!! they say.



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Wait, the lady thinks gay people only come from gay people who reproduce? Even if that were remotely possible and we came from the Adam & Eve story, that means one of them was gay, right? Logic, she doesn't have it.


Poor little religious idiots that don't think their stories through.

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