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Future of Men's Fashion

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They're just joking with us right? It's all just one big cruel joke? We'll all be laughing when the first mortal wears it, right? RIGHT?? Q_Q


Sweet Jesus, that thing is absurd in it's entirety. How is it--I don't even-- /me walks off.

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LOL - the sweater with big babyblue mittens - wow is all I can say :lol:


I might go to London this year - I will let you all know if I see these clothes on Londoners ;)

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OMG!!! I so pity those models... At least the second and third have saved themselves some embarrassment.. But poor hell that last guy with the blue .. smurfy things all over.. haha.. poor guy. His face tells it all ...



And I cant stop laughin :rofl: :rofl:

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The Blue mitten thing looks itchy as hell.. and he can't even scratch because of the mittens... looks like a good outfit for someone with chicken pox.. I wonder if it comes in pink? 

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The guy in No 2 looks like he fell in the create the stuff was shipped to the show in before he came on stage! :/


And crumbs, none of them look happy they gotta be wearing that stuff. I say stuff as I just can't see any of it as fashion!!!


Not sure I'd wanna be seen out with a guy wearing the blue hoody thing hanging off my arm!!! If he was in jeans and a T, then hell yeah! :P

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