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A week ago, I had to have my dog, Conor, put to sleep. He was old and suffering. The pain meds weren't masking it any more.


Over the last week, I've been trying to find another dog, dealing with 7 levels of bureaucracy with the local animal shelter. Yesterday, we found a new 8-week old puppy, a cross-bred Newfoundland retriever, and adopted him. He won't be as big as Conor, but maybe 70-80#.


The problem is, the only names we're coming up with are kinda lame. Kase told me he needs a kick-ass name 'cause he's so cute. I'd like it to be unique, but not weird.


So, here's the deal. We need help from someone creative to find a cool name. Can you please help? I like the idea of a Celtic name, and have combed a number of web sites full of lists, but come up wanting. If it helps, he's got a white blaze on his chest.







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Whoa, so much to decide the name of a puppy? :P
I called mine Pup, just cause I'm lame. The white strip made me think of "Blazer", but, lololololololol.  Shadow's pretty cool, I think, and it matches. The Welsh word for "shadow" is "cysgod" (Irish: scáth; "dark" is "tywyll" in Welsh, lame in Irish), pretty sure you could somehow bastardize that. Albion--name of a giant, apparently--sounds pretty badass too.

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My top name for this future giant would be



not quite celtic

Welsh giants mostly have too long complex names the exception is Bran the Blessesd

but there is always Finn McCool the irish giant

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I just want to hold him and squeeze him and play rough games with him :D

Something nice and masculine would be good. A name you can call out when he runs off [and he will :P] without feeling embarrassed like Stop it Mr Tiddles! or You're a naughty boy Celtic Mist!

Buster is a good name :)

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Well, we tried and tried, but nothing stuck until we had to take him to the vet this morning. For some reason, we both started calling him Woobie this morning. That was a nickname Conor had forever. As good a dog as Conor was, we feel it would be pretty auspicious to give the name to this little guy.


Thanks for all the suggestions, folks.

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