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something we might find interesting

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Best not to read the comments - the usual redneck rent-a-crowd is having another hate-fest :( They obviously live such empty, sad little lives they having nothing better to do :P

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You have to figure that some of the negativity (obviously not all) in the replies comes from self hatred. Like ex-smokers (don't hate, I'm one of them) who have recently quit, they are among the most virulent in their dislike of smokers. Part of this behavior is because they get their sense of smell back but mostly because it reaffirms the belief that they made the right choice. Luckily, this mellows over time. At least it did for me. Those whom are gay and don't want to be, often protest the most and can be violent in their responses to homosexuality. All in the game of trying to constantly reinforce that they cannot be gay. If I'm beating them up then I can't be gay - If I hate them, I can't be gay, etc, etc. A toned down version is the verbal beat-down and could be the reason for some (again, not all) of the nasty comments. Just a thought.

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Back in June of 2012, Drewbie started a topic about a young couple, Shane Britney Crone and Tom Bridegroom. Tom died suddenly and he was threatened with violence from Tom's family we going to his funeral if he showed up.


The original archived topic can be found here.


i just saw online that tomorrow night, a documentary was made of the story by fund raising from the YouTube video. Donner's included Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, Ricky Lake and George Takei.


The movie was opened with President Bill Clinton doing the introductions.


Here is the online video that I saw about it.


if you get the opportunity to see it, let us all know how it is please. I don't imagine being a doc, that it will get worldwide release.


Edit to add: Sorry, I didn't realize Cele had started a topic so I have merged the two together. Hopefully it worked ;)

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Celethiel also addressed this in her topic ;Something we might find interesting.'  It looks as if it will be an interesting documentary and, hopefully, it will do some good to bring this issue into the open. 

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   It was so depressing. I actually used to follow Tom Bridgegroom's YouTube channel and his Twitter...I was smitten with him back around 2007 because of this commercial:



    I was rooting for the guy to make it big and wondered why he didn't seem to update anymore, then I found out what happened. God, so depressing.

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Celethiel also addressed this in her topic ;Something we might find interesting.'  It looks as if it will be an interesting documentary and, hopefully, it will do some good to bring this issue into the open. 

Celethiel is a he... -_-




<---there is the proof if nothing else tells you :P

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I can see where all the hate filled comments on the topic that accompanied the video posting would upset people.  I don't however think assigning all the hate to "rednecks" is particularly any more productive than the twits that proclaim the gay population "deserving" of any ill that befalls them.  Before you go labeling people redneck - or any other label for that matter, go look it up.  There are two schools of thought on where the term redneck came from.


Mildly offensive term for a lower class white person from the southeastern states of the USA. Derives from someone who spent a lot of time on manual labour outside and so received a "red neck" from the sun


It was also used to refer to coal miners who wore red bandana's to signify their belonging to a union.


While both groups have in the past had people who would be outspoken about their own prejudices, not all are hateful uneducated twats. Lets not be like the hateful idiots and malign a group of people who make it possible for white collar workers to heatand/or light their homes and fill their pantries. 


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Ouch!  Well, that was clearly aimed at me :P One of the things I love about language is its fluidity. So whilst the definitions you gave still hold good the word has developed wider meaning. So, since 2000, it's also come to mean bigoted, loutish reactionaries who are opposed to modern ways [Dictionary of American Slang, 2008]. You'll also find Collins World English Dictionary [10th ed 2009] includes this definition a person or institution that is extremely reactionary. I'm sure there are many other sources too :)


As to the etymology ...


according to the Oxford English Dictionary the first known printed reference to "rednecks" in America occurred in 1830. It came in a three-volume travel narrative called Mrs. Royal's Southern Tour. In it, the author defined the term as "a name bestowed upon the Presbyterians in Fayetteville" (presumably North Carolina).

"Red neck" was applied specifically to Presbyterians, one scholar explains, because, in the early 1640s, some members of that group signed their names in blood to documents declaring their separation from the Church of England. They signified their strong opposition to the Church, so the story goes, by wearing red pieces of cloth around their necks. Many of their descendants later immigrated to America and settled in the South. The name eventually faded, however. In the 1954 edition of the massive Webster's New International Dictionary Unabridged, it doesn't even show up as a noun.









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So many of our "haters" are simply afraid of something they don't understand. If they'd open their minds they'd see we're just like them with one minor difference. It's actually sad. If you're gonna be a hater, then hate something worthy of your time and energy. Like world hunger, genocide, forest defoliation, pollution.....

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