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  1. Scotrik1

    Chapter 6

    Wheres george? I thought he was going on the trip as well... Good story, thank you for sharing it with us! Scottie
  2. I hope things work out in your favor. Get well, be well.
  3. Scotrik1

    Chapter 7

    I didnt get a notification either. I've had it happen with a couple different stories.
  4. Scotrik1

    Chapter 13

    I really love this story. I was a bit disappointed in Pete and Jimmy allowing the haters to win though. No one living in his sister's home treated them badly, and the foul ones wouldn't be back, but he took the time he could have spent with the loving part of his family away from all of them. I understand the decision, but disappointed too. Thank you for sharing this with us! Doing a great job. Scottie
  5. Scotrik1

    Chapter 57

    This story originally caught my eye because, as a kid, I had a book called Scuffy the Tugboat. I'm very glad it did! I really enjoyed the boys as they were rescued into a loving home, and all that went with it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Scottie
  6. I love all your stories, but this one I think is the one with the most emotional depth for me personally. Happiness to wish for in all our lives. Thank you for sharing it with us. As long as you are writing, I'll be reading, even if I don't comment much! New readers of Wayne's work-look up all his stories! All well worth the time to read! Scottie
  7. Scotrik1

    Chapter 63

    I lived in Charleston for 10 years, left a year and a half ago. Loved it! The restaurant I worked in when I first got there had Lobster Bisque that was phenomenal, so I never tried She Crab Soup. After the Bisque, I was afraid I'd be disappointed! But with the oysters, I was under the impression that the months with an R thing was to prevent over-fishing and decimating the populations of the oysters and clams. No idea how true that is, just thought I'd share. Love this story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Scottie
  8. I would love for you to create another book for us! I adore all three books and would love more. You have dealt with so many issues in the family, and done it well. From the all-too-common gay kid issues, the abused and abandoned, life, death, marriage, aging, accidents and diseases, even a bit of the paranormal thrown in, and much more. I loved the idea from a reader above about an adolescent with a baby, lots going on there. Also liked the one about Little Ricky beginning his own tribe as he is already a social worker. I don't have any new ideas for you right now, but I know it will be great if you decide to continue the story. There's always another generation coming up, and those boys (and girl!) are going to be very interesting as they grow and learn...lol Scottie
  9. Scotrik1

    Chapter 34

    Great story!! Absolutely loved it! I hope they allow part 2, but if not, is there a blog we can still read it on? Thank you for sharing Specter!! Scottie
  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. Scotrik1


      Thank you!

  11. Thanks for the thumbs up.  It's a story I like quite a bit, and it's nice to know that feeling's occasionally shared.

  12. Scotrik1


    Personally, I'm thinking that the cousin has gone of money from Dad, what would he want with a small-town bakery? And would he want to move to Crumbington? I think Nathan is probably still stuck with the bakery, but he has enough to hire someone to help while he travels with Jaymes! 🤐😏 Have a wonderful wedding day!
  13. Scotrik1

    Chapter 33

    I guess they had to get it from somewhere lol. We shall see whether it's a spring shower or a hurricane! 😂
  14. Scotrik1

    Chapter 33

    Too late for me, just from the little we know of her...
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