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Story Series

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  1. Naptown Tales

  2. Verse

  3. Charlie Boone

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    C. J.

    CJ’s fifteen when his step-father banishes him from his home for being gay. When he moves to Washington to live with his father, he begins a journey of discovery. The series follows him through high school and college as he accumulates friends, and learns what it’s like to be a young, wealthy, gay man living in an urban environment.

  4. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

  5. American Songbook

  6. The Castaway Hotel

  7. Gone From Daylight

  8. MetaWolf

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    The Squad +

    The Squad had its origins at School Without Walls High School in Washington, D.C. On the first day of their sophomore year, CJ and Harley met and bonded over a mutual interest in motorcycles. As time passed, their friendship grew and spilled over onto new friends. With CJ as their acknowledged leader, the diverse group of men thrived. Through the years, they lived, loved, laughed, and cried as a group. These are some of their stories.

  9. George W

    Stories that result from Comicfan's Prompt 892

  10. Billy Chase Chronicles

  11. Through The Dark Reccesses Of My Soul

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    New York Holidays

    Nothing is more romantic than New York City during the holiday season. From Halloween to New Years Day, it seems everyone is out and about, enjoying the festivities. For two lonely boys living in Lower Manhattan, this year’s holiday season will bring special joy as they meet, fall in love and realize their dreams, and help others in need to realize their dreams too.

  12. One Shot Stories

  13. Rothenian Tales

    The stories form an arc from the mid 1990s to an indeterminate date in the near future. All of them feature episodes in the fictional Central European state of Rothenia, which owes a lot in its supposed history to Anthony Hope's Ruritania, not least as a place where heroism, romance and the supernatural can be experienced. There is a central cast of characters and friends, but the true central character is Rothenia itself, a magical realm which does not exist, but I wish it did.

  14. The Best Circle of Hell

    Demons have evil built right into the core of their being, but that shouldn't means they can't fall in love

    Collected the stories of demons in the Inner Circle of Hell, and their interesting, destructive, blood-laden, lust-fuelled forays into the worlds of the 'verse as they search for ways to fill eternity.

  15. The Jacob & Marcus Tales

  16. Bridgemont

  17. Poetry by Mikiesboy

    A collection of the poems from the annual NaPoWriMo i've written and other books of poetry.

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