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Story Series

Series Must Contain 2 Stories to be viewed in the Browse by Series list
  1. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

  2. Hybrid Journey

    Three stories. Multiple shifters. Each having a part in discovering, searching for, and trying to find a cure for their pups who have been cruelly altered.

    Follow their journey as they discover love, friendship and inner strength along the way.

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    C. J.

    CJ’s fifteen when his step-father banishes him from his home for being gay. When he moves to Washington to live with his father, he begins a journey of discovery. The series follows him through high school and college as he accumulates friends, and learns what it’s like to be a young, wealthy, gay man living in an urban environment.

  3. Bridgemont

  4. Chronicles from the Orchard

    The journey of a team of childhood friends as they grow, through laughter and tears, into a loving and steadfast family.

  5. Poetry by Mikiesboy

    A collection of the poems from the annual NaPoWriMo i've written and other books of poetry.

  6. Board Members

  7. Running With The Pack

    The world lycan through the lives of Ethan, Aiden, their friends, and people they meet.

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    The Squad +

    The Squad had its origins at School Without Walls High School in Washington, D.C. On the first day of their sophomore year, CJ and Harley met and bonded over a mutual interest in motorcycles. As time passed, their friendship grew and spilled over onto new friends. With CJ as their acknowledged leader, the diverse group of men thrived. Through the years, they lived, loved, laughed, and cried as a group. These are some of their stories.

  8. Charlie Boone

  9. Camp Refuge

    This series begins with Guarded. Though, not absolutely required for Camp Refuge and what follows, it is good background to have. The tone of Camp Refuge is very different from Guarded, but they are connected, regardless.

  10. The Castaway Hotel

  11. In The Shadows

    A series of paranormal-romance novels. Vincent Bolton, a mage with a rare set of abilities, finds out that Mason Wilson, an Alpha wolf shapeshifter, is destined to be together. While the pair learn more about one another, Vincent continues to grow his magical prowess, make new friends, and tracks down the maleficent mage that murdered his parents seventeen years ago.

  12. Verse

  13. W.A.R.

  14. Novels

  15. TJ's Journey

  16. Viking Valentine

    A sudden romance between a Dane and a lonely Brit, who has ESP or whatever you want to call Patrick's ability to sense the innermost feelings and wants of people he talks to. The supernatural really takes off in the short stories, which feature an angel and an imp.

  17. Worth the Struggle

  18. The Hidden Ones

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