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  1. Fort Weyr - Eighth Pass

    This is a prequel to Gone Away, Gone Ahead. During the Eighth Pass of the Red Star, two Weyrbred boys Impress dragons. The story follows D'gar and S'brin through trials and tribulations as they learn how to be dragonriders in a perilous time. Friends are made and lost and their love gives them confidence that they will survive to see clear skies again. But Thread doesn't care for human hearts. Thread just kills.

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    C. J.

    CJ’s fifteen when his step-father banishes him from his home for being gay. When he moves to Washington to live with his father, he begins a journey of discovery. The series follows him through high school and college as he accumulates friends, and learns what it’s like to be a young, wealthy, gay man living in an urban environment.

  2. TJ's Journey

  3. George W

    Stories that result from Comicfan's Prompt 892

  4. Black Fox

  5. The Devil is Gay

    Lucifer and Gabriel have a rather unconventional relationship. These are some snippets into their lives.

  6. Light Dancing in the Dark

    This is a serious that follows 20 year old Kalian Alauis through coming into his power, his Magik. He starts as an insecure, neglected young man. Pushed aside by his family when he show no signs of Magik, a gift he's expected to have nutured from a young age thanks to his lineage. There is more to him than meets the eye however. In a short amount of time he's pulled from his family's shadow into a royal court that's teetering on the edge of anarchy and chaos. These are the stories that follow him as he finds himself, bands together an unlikely group of allies, saves a country, and falls in love.

  7. Ravello series

    A series of dramatic stories about teenagers discovering and coming to terms with their sexuality, set in the beautiful surroundings of Italy's Amalfi Coast.

  8. Charlie Boone

  9. Brandon Smiling: Blog Collection

    These are the electronic journals of Brandon Temple. In these volumes Brandon journals his thoughts, experiences, and feelings coming to terms with being a gay teenager who is deeply in love with another boy named Billy Chase.

  10. Appetites

    The series starts with a story called "Catering with Benefits" and continues as an ongoing story in parts. Between each part is a 'Side Salad' short story relevant to the main story.

  11. The Puppy Saga

  12. Werebears in America

    In the olden days, when most of the humans in northern Europe were still living in pagan tribes, werebears were the wise and strong protectors of the villages. Now, even though they are still many in number, they are scattered around the world, living forever in secret.

  13. For Everything Series

  14. W.T.F.

    A collection of short stories featuring a group of friends who between them cover gay, tv, bi and straight points of view - there's even a confessed 'adventurer' and a drag queen. We see our drag queen go from first gig to a possible new relationship, our sad tv finds fun with an adventurer and our straight protagonist, to mis-quote Lou Reed, takes a brief walk on the wild side.

    Welcome to What The Fuck!

  15. Never Too Late

    One day, an older, lonely man decides to change his life for the better ...

  16. All Our Saturdays

    The life and times of Joey Cork and Jack Stanton. This is a 3 part series

  17. Him In the Dust Series

  18. Aspects of Dawn

  19. Panic

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