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  1. Lost Soul

    Lost Soul is a collection of 'stories' for characters from The Boot. The stories are based on some of the characters of The Boot, some are about homelessness, others about staff and volunteers. There are good times and bad times, those who find themselves homeless experience many bad times.

    Out of respect I refer to those who find themselves homeless as 'homeless people', because first and foremost they are 'people' and deserve to be treated as such and with respect. They are not 'the homeless' as some would refer to them as. Please show respect and remember that they are people, that respect could help someone find their glimmer of hope.

  2. Hard Won Happy Endings

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    New York Stories

    New York Stories follows a group of gay teens, and precocious pre-teens who attend one of New York City's elite public highs schools. The stories are closely related to the New York Holidays series and the New York Anthology series, both of which involve the same characters.

  3. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

  4. Charlie Boone

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    New York Holidays

    Nothing is more romantic than New York City during the holiday season. From Halloween to New Years Day, it seems everyone is out and about, enjoying the festivities. For two lonely boys living in Lower Manhattan, this year’s holiday season will bring special joy as they meet, fall in love and realize their dreams, and help others in need to realize their dreams too.

  5. New Reality

    Everything you know is wrong.

    Everything you think you know is wrong, and I will go as far as saying everything you think you do not know is wrong too!

    Scientists only know what they have studied, and theologians only know what man has said about the gods they have studied.

    New Reality follows Greg Fowler as he grows from a High School student in a small town to a man who will change the world.

    The series contains several short books. Some are long, and some are only a few chapters, but all cover a distinct aspect of his growth and exploration as he navigates a world he never could have imagined.

  6. Running With The Pack

    The world lycan through the lives of Ethan, Aiden, their friends, and people they meet.

  7. Bridgemont

  8. Of Pride and Power Universe

    Stories set in the Pride and Power Universe

  9. Escaria

  10. Hybrid Journey

    Three stories. Multiple shifters. Each having a part in discovering, searching for, and trying to find a cure for their pups who have been cruelly altered.

    Follow their journey as they discover love, friendship and inner strength along the way.

  11. The Phoenix Diaries

    Follow Travis Turner from bullied seventh-grader to legendary superhero. But as evil's chosen one, his path won't be easy and will take him to the farthest depth of outer space and the darkest pits of hell on his journey to herohood, testing him at every step.

    Along for the ride are Pro, the alien prince Travis shares his body with, and Josh, Travis's bully turned bff and boyfriend.

    Heavily inspired by anime/manga, comics, and video games, and late '90s/early 2000s pop culture; this series will appeal to geeky peeps and LGBTQ+ folks into sci-fi/fantasy and LGBQT+ romance.

  12. Confounded

  13. Kenrick

    Struan Kenrick is an Army soldier, bi, single and loves travelling, which is where trouble finds him and his younger brother Sawney when on holidays.

  14. Chronicles from the Orchard

    The journey of a team of childhood friends as they grow, through laughter and tears, into a loving and steadfast family.

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    C. J.

    CJ’s fifteen when his step-father banishes him from his home for being gay. When he moves to Washington to live with his father, he begins a journey of discovery. The series follows him through high school and college as he accumulates friends, and learns what it’s like to be a young, wealthy, gay man living in an urban environment.

  15. Lloyd Family Corp

    This series about the adventures of the Lloyd family and the crews of their vessels, Aquaria and Oceania.

  16. Verse

  17. Stories by Luna M.

    Stories written by Luna M.

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