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Story Series

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  1. Through The Dark Reccesses Of My Soul

  2. Through The Dark Reccesses Of My Soul

  3. Timber Pack Chronicles

  4. TJ's Journey

  5. Underneath This Big Ol’ Sky

  6. Unison Island

  7. Unison Island Spinoffs

  8. Unnamed

  9. Vega-5

  10. Verse

  11. Viking Valentine

    A sudden romance between a Dane and a lonely Brit, who has ESP or whatever you want to call Patrick's ability to sense the innermost feelings and wants of people he talks to. The supernatural really takes off in the short stories, which feature an angel and an imp.

  12. W.A.R.

  13. W.T.F.

    A collection of short stories featuring a group of friends who between them cover gay, tv, bi and straight points of view - there's even a confessed 'adventurer' and a drag queen. We see our drag queen go from first gig to a possible new relationship, our sad tv finds fun with an adventurer and our straight protagonist, to mis-quote Lou Reed, takes a brief walk on the wild side.

    Welcome to What The Fuck!

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    Waiting for the Sign

    A romp through the sports and acting worlds with the twists and turns of living in the public eye.

  14. Wearing Green on Thursday

    The fictional autobiography of Bruce Hutton, a gay man in his late forties, takes place in three parts. The first, set in his last year of high school and first semester of college, is called Coming of Age. The second, called Coming Out, picks up with his college years and continues through grad school, a time when he accepted and explored his sexuality. The final part, Coming to Love, sees him embarking on his career as an aeronautical engineer and finding true love.

  15. Well Groomed

    Collection of Voltron: Legendary Defenderfanfics, set pre canon and pre-kerberos, featuring Shiro and Keith falling very gently in love.

    Series Complete (6 works)

  16. Werebears in America

    In the olden days, when most of the humans in northern Europe were still living in pagan tribes, werebears were the wise and strong protectors of the villages. Now, even though they are still many in number, they are scattered around the world, living forever in secret.

  17. What's the Difference Between Me and You?

  18. When Love Takes Over

  19. Wigan

    Follow the huge life changes of Edwin, after a school assignment leads him to discover that he is of Aristocracy in the UK.

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