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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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Featured Story: Trophy Cub

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a blast here at my house, celebrating our little mans 3rd birthday!  To start you week off, we have this great review for you to check out. Enjoy! Trophy Cub Grumpy Bear Reviwer: Chris191070 Status: Complete Word Count: 78,733 This isn't your normal were-creature story, in fact the first few chapters contain quite disturbing content. If you find scenes of rape, violence and group sex disturbing then this isn't the story for you. But

Featured Story: Famous Last

Sorry all, a bit behind today, so I'm just gonna give you today's review! Famous Last by lomax61 Reviewer: Talo Segura Status: Complete Word Count: 92,849 This book, published in November 2020 is set in contemporary Britain during the pandemic, something which the author handles well. It has a very British tone with expressions such as, "Freezing his bollocks off..." and, yes it's the winter, the story takes place over a few months leading up to Christmas and the New Year.

Featured Story: Sentinels

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend. To help you start your week off right, check out this review from Aditus! Sentinels C.T. Piatt Reviewer: Aditus Status: Complete Word Count: 8,475 I was immediately intrigued when I read:  Father Allen is one of few priests whose duty it is to visit Heaven and hear the confessions of fallen angels. He gives absolution if he feels their regret is sincere. Without his absolution, the Fallen cannot go before God to ask for f

Featured Story: The Cockney Canuck

Sorry all, it was a crazy busy weekend! Since I'm running behind, let's just get straight into the review! The Cockney Canuck by Dodger Reviewer: Timothy M. Status: Incomplete Word Count: 883,024 How to review a story which was begun more than five years ago, is the third longest on GA, with 148 chapters, 222 devoted followers and, while incomplete, is still going strong? I admire Dodger immensely for persevering and holding us captive year after year, waiting to find out wh

Featured Story: Family

Happy Monday! Why is it happy? Because it's time to take a look at another review from our wonderful review team!  Enjoy! Family by Dabeagle Reviewer: spikey582 Status: Complete Word Count: 51,241 I’ve read quite a bit of Dabeagle’s stories over the years, and for one reason or another this is one I’ve found myself revisiting more than once since he posted it in 2019. In Family we meet Brandon Crosby, a man with very little going on in his life. He works in an IT depart

Featured Story: Broken

As always, a huge thank you goes out to our review team.  Without them, I don't know what you'd review on these featured story days! Broken - A Camp Refuge Story by Wayne Gray Reviewer: Parker Owens Status: Complete Word Count: 38,510 Broken is the fourth story in Wayne Gray’s Camp Refuge series. The story revolves around Lee, a young man with a horrific past and who has drawn the interest of the police. Camp Refuge is the last stop, the last chance, before getting swallowed

Featured Story: Desert Air

Hard to believe it's already March!  Then again, my days get all mixed up since we don't do a whole lot!  Anyway, hope you all enjoy this review from our review team!   Desert Air by quokka Reviewer: chris191070 Status: Complete Word Count: 134,256 Well if we fancy an escape from the cold weather that many of us are suffering from, what better than a visit to Perth, Western Australia. We meet Jexon Kendrick a veterinary student wh

Featured Story: The Transporters

Well. It's time for another story review, this tile from our newest review team member, @Talo Segura. Enjoy! The Transporters by Israfil Reviewer: Talo Segura Status: Complete Word Count: 16,570 I might have said that you ought to know the forgotten realms of Dungeons and Dragons, but you don't. It was the gnolls who made me go and look it up. As might be appropriate to this genre of story, a portal opened into a fantastic world. I should point out this story does not have a
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