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What if Mrs Blake is Trevor's mother?

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Do you remember that in Chapter 70 Trevor got an American Thanksgiving dinner cooked by Mrs. Blake, She seems to know quite a bit about Thanksgiving. Could this be the great revelation to come in 4 chapters?. Here is the episode from Chapter 70.

"Trevor and Shane bantered back and forth after Shane returned to the galley. Soon, Shane called out, “Sit down at the table, Trev. Supper’s on its way.” Trevor sat down, and Shane appeared, grinning and bearing a steaming plate held high. With a flourish, he set it down in front of Trevor. “Roast turkey with all the trimmings, including candied yams and sausage stuffing. That’s what was in the box Mr. Blake gave me, all ready to microwave.”

Trevor looked down at his plate, smelling the turkey and stuffing, detecting a hint of rosemary. “Wow... why...”

Shane returned with his own plate and sat down before replying, “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Trevor’s mouth fell open as he looked into Shane’s beaming face. After a few second’s stunned silence, he said, “Wow... I didn’t think you had that in Australia.” Trevor had completely forgotten that today was Thanksgiving Day.

“We don’t, but the Blakes must’ve wanted to make sure you were taken care of right proper for your Yankee holiday, so this is what Mr. Blake had me take out to Kookoburra,” Shane said, around a mouthful of turkey.

Trevor began to eat, still stunned by the surprise. “This is delicious... Man, this was an awesome thing to do. It’s homemade, too... I haven’t had a homemade Thanksgiving turkey dinner in ten years. Dad and I spend it together, but he’s not much better in the kitchen than I am, so we’d usually make tacos – until Joel and his parents started inviting us to their house for Thanksgiving, but Joel’s mom hates turkey, so they have roast pork.” Trevor felt melancholy for a moment, as he wondered what his father would be doing for Thanksgiving, but he shook it off. “This is great... and I just don’t know what to say.”

“A rare problem indeed, for you,” Shane quipped. “This is very good; I’ve not had candied yams before. Other than that, this is much like an Australian Christmas dinner.”

“Make sure I remember to thank the Blakes for this... I can’t believe they went to all this trouble... and thanks for the surprise. Uh, I still don’t get the ‘shoe’ clue though.”

Shane chuckled. “I was going to tell you that making soup from old shoes is an Aussie tradition, but mainly I wanted to throw you off and give you something to puzzle over.”

Trevor grinned, and took another bite of candied yams. “These are great; butter and brown sugar. I love ‘em.”

“I’ve never had them before, but I’ll learn how to make ‘em. I’ll ask Mrs. Blake, she’s the one who must’ve done the cooking; Mr. Blake is almost as useless in the galley as you are... well, not that bad; I’ve seem him make toast before, so he’s got you beat.”

“Shut up,” Trevor mumbled, with an embarrassed smile.

After they’d both cleared their plates of every bite, Shane said, “There’s more turkey and stuffing, but you might want to save that for later; this feast comes with dessert, something I’ll bet you’ve never tried.”

Shane took the plates to the galley, returning a few moments later with a covered pie, dessert plates, and forks. He set the pie down on the table and unveiled it with a flourish. “You’ll love this!”

Trevor did a double-take on the pie, and in a voice barely above a whisper, said, “Pav... Pav something... kind of a meringue, with a layer of black cherries over it, then heavy cream on top.”

Shane looked at Trevor, and then the pie, in mild surprise. “I think that’s blueberries, but yeah, it’s pavlova, an Australian specialty, invented in Perth. I just call it pav. Very popular, especially here in Western Australia.”

“I’ve had it before, it’s... fantastic,” Trevor said in a hushed tone, and then he looked up at Shane and smiled. “You better hide your half of the leftovers or I’ll eat it all.”

Shane laughed. “Pav is one of the first desserts I learnt to make, so I’ll pick up the ingredients in Denham.”

“Awesome!” Trevor declared, taking another bite."

I thought the story dragged from the landing in Carnarvon until Shane and Trevor became lovers. It is doing just fine now.

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Since Mr. Blake has leased his boat to Trevor and Trevor's insurance is footing the bill, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Blake does not know Trevor Carlson's name. It is also highly unlikely that Mr. Blake would not tell his wife about the good fortune he had leasing the boat during the off season and the name of the lessee. Therefore, Mrs. Blake has heard the name Trevor Carlson from her husband. If she was Trevor's mom, we would have heard of a joyous reaction on her part.


I don't think there's a chance in all goatdom that Mrs. Blake is the former Rachel Carlson.

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