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I seriously can't believe this is real!?

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Well, I totally agree that children should be taught colours and vibrations... what do you mean you can't give LSD to kids? (joke) and I had NO idea that the bible was a math text book; I'll have to take another look.


On the whole though... *shudder*

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Haha! Its really quite sad that:

a) people enter these things and

B) that they might truly but that... dim, shall we say!

Haha I guess the bible is a maths textbook in a way I mean it has numbers for chapters and verses and stuff! Then again, i'd say it was more English :D


I think a couple of em have been watching Harry Potter to much if they think you're taught spells in school! :P


Ooooohhhh!! b ) did this: B) oops! :P

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