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[Crossposted in DKStories Forum]


I wanted to update you on some recent news - dkstories and I are no longer together.  There are a lot of things that brought us to this point, and at this time I would appreciate holding off on any questions or speculation as I am still trying to pull together the rest of the pieces of my life.  Dan is also taking a hiatus from the Internet - his stories will remain here but he is planning on not using the Internet for a bit, to give himself time to deal with his own issues.  We will also be continuing to post his remaining stories on the board although we are working out the timeline for doing this.  For myself, I had pulled back on some of my GA duties, but am at the point of being able to devote more time to the board again.  I thank all of the mods, admins and News Blog staff for helping to cover and give me more time to adjust.


My health continues to be decent - I see my main doctor every Tuesday and have blood drawn for labs twice a week.  It is great to be able to log into my hospital's website a few hours later to see the results of all of my blood work.  I do still get tired very easily but that's expected at this point.  The aspect that makes me happiest is regardless, my doctor each week is very happy with my progress.  I am likely to remain on disability from work until at least the new year, and possibly even into March 2014.  I appreciate everyone's support and well wishes.



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Hope you know that there is many of us behind you as you get better and move forward :hug:

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Great to hear that your health is good at least.


Not sure what to say about the other piece of news, so I'll keep my mouth shut and my heart open. :hug:

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