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congratulations sasha distan

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Congratulations, Sasha! Embarking on a journey to an unknown treasure land, may seem terrifying in the beginning, but soon, you both will ease into it. I pray that you reach your destination smoothly. God bless you two. Hugs and Chocolates. 

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Thank you everyone!


We had the most awesome day anyone had ever had. it was amazing, and silly, and strange. it was perfect.


There is the most amazing selection of cake, everyone looked amazing. we danced. i wore cowboy boots for part of the evening. Cris looked hot in his new suit. he wore the yellow socks.....tehehe.


I didn't bark at anyone. we slow danced to country songs by the lake, everyone on the other side of the water wolf-whistled.


i was so happy i can barely even think about it, let alone describe it.


i am so happy i keep having to check that i'm awake and this is real.


I married the world's most perfect man. and i don't care if you don't think so. he's mine and i ain't letting go.


we plus "the bridesmaids" and our good friend Kelly and Martin all ended up in the hot tub in our underwear when everyone else had gone home. our good friend and owner of the farm cooked us awesome breakfast this morning. she brought my horse Copper into the garden during the reception so i could get a photo with him all dressed up. we got married on the farm. everything didn't match, and that was perfect.


I will be posting pictures of the cake. if anyone knows how to send cake safely through the post, that would be useful information.


Also, in cool news, my cousin who words for Aardman entertainment (Wallace and Gromit) took some cool photos with a studio camera which last week was used to take photos of Pink Floyd. he knew that this would make me happy.


big sloppy wolfy kisses for all of you. my new Husband and Geek waves and says hi (actually he said "tell them, they're all gay!" but what he means is "thanks and hello") someone has to beable to translate for him... that's me.


love. love and cake. love and cake and yellow roses.


Sasha xxx

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