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Happy Birthday Emoe!


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Just want to start a thread to say


:music: :music: Happy Birthday Emoe :music: :music:


Hope you had a great day and all the best in the next year!!!


For some of our newer members, Emoe has been a member at GA for a long time and was the editor for CJames' stories and other authors too I believe.


He has contributed to the site for years and I think the least we can do is say Happy Birthday :D

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I only saw this just before midnight, So my thought was on time, if not my post. You are a hard man to write about, your profile gives little ( 0 ) away. However, as an editor for Circumnavigation ( I loved that story) I wanted to thank you for that. So, without further ado, I hope you...

:wizard: :wizard: :wizard: EMoe57 :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:


A Very Happy Birthday






I Iiked the skill with the sand, but there was no real noise to it. So I am including this.








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               :D                :D   Happy Birthday, E        :D                             :D


                        Hope it's a great one and may you enjoy many, many more! 

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