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"Don't tell."


There are a lot of secrets in my past, from childhood to adulthood, that I wish weren't secrets. Things that shouldn't have been pushed under the rug or only spoken in whispers. I'm far more open now. Just ask anyone I've beta read/edited for. :P

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Best / Sweet Advice:

  • Anything my sister says...(don't tell her I said that)
  • "You're like your grandpa. Trust your instincts...even if it takes years to materialize. Your foresight will be tough to deal with for you...it was tough for him too. But ultimately, it's how he found his happiness" (Dad)
  • "They don't realize how lucky they are" (Mom)
  • "Stop trying to act cool...you don't have to try so hard" (Anonymous)

Worst Advice:

  • "One more shot...make it to 30" (friend egging me on my 22nd birthday)
  • "You threw up because you ate too many hot dogs"...haven't eaten a hot dog in 17 years because of that statement
  • "Never pet a burning dog" (Dad)
  • "Just watch two girls one cup...it's not that gross" (took me 30 minutes to stop dry heaving)
  • "Vote for Trump"
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The worst advice I think was given to me by my parents.

"Don't wander alone in the streets or the gay bears will catch you"


Okay, they actually meant predators but I thought for years that gay bears were actually wandering the streets :lol:


The best one...Well, not the best one, but a precious one given by a former manager of mine after I sent him a mail that almost got me fired:

"Never ever send an email when you're upset or angry. Write it, and let it sit in the drafts until the day after - odds are you won't send it as it is."


Also.. "Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry" but this one, I've never managed to follow it :gikkle:

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The best general advice my parents ever gave me was, 'you can't tell a book by its cover.'

The best personal advice was 'you have good instincts, go with them.'

The best working advice was 'do your best to do it right the first time.'


The worst advice was 'keep it in your pants.'  It was bad advice because every time I thought of it I'd get a hardon that showed.... :*)

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Good Advice: "Eat a good diet."  

                       "Get plenty of rest."


Bad Advice:  "Wait until you're older."  This can be good advice in some cases but whenever someone said that to me they were just hoping I loose interest.  When I still want to do whatever it is I was planning a few years later the wise advice giver can always say, "Aren't you a little old for that?"


Strange Advice:  "Don't get old."  I keep hearing people at work say that.  I'm not sure how to follow that advice, besides I want that senoir discount at the hardware store.

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It's a cliche, but I honestly wish I'd learned to follow it much earlier in my life than I did. "Be true to yourself"

Most useful wisdom I've ever received, "All disappointment comes from unmet expectations"

Worst advice I ever received? "Do what I say, or else."

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I just hope you didn't choose the dark side :P



He likes to think he did LOL



Alas...I've been a Dark Lord of the Sith on Force.net for over a decade now. :gikkle::evil:

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Good advice:  When an opportunity arises, consider it carefully because you may never have that chance again.  

                         You will fall in love many times, so don't ruin your life or throw it away for a moments pleasure.  

                         When starting a relationship you'll find the more you have in common to begin with, the less chance of drifting apart later. 

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