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G Fd Fanboys Get Chapters 4 & 5 Posted!


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I am still editing and going 0over "Fanboys 6" as you read this, because I found a lot of 'mishaps' in the earlier chapters and I'm doing a quick re-edit before posting them here. I doubt that I caught them all, but I'm praying that I got the really bad missteps in the story! So enjoy! And let me know what you think!




Almost a THOUSAND views already!!! That's awesome! Ummmm...draw straws and get five of you to let me know if it's ok or not! Hehehe! That's all, just five! More than enough! :P


Seezya soon! And love you lots! Enjoy!


Also...see what it's like to witness and be a part of <b>*TRUE*</b> fanboys at work in my post at the Shack:




::Giggles:: Watch these videos! But don't you DARE smile! Don't laugh, don't tear up, don't start giggling, don't let that adrenaline rush and the endorphin output get the best of you when you watch these videos! ACKKKK!!!! You're SMILING!!! STOP IT!!! Don't do it! Swallow it down and suppress the urge to feel any joy at all! DO IT!




You can let the dopamine flow and smile to your heart's content. That's always an option too! Because, if you do...these videos might just make you feel 150% BETTER than you do right now! Just saying! :P


Otherwise....STOP IT!!! Stop smiling! Turn it off! Ya GEEK!!! LOL!


Love you all! More to come!

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