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What Started Your Love of SciFi?


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For me, it was three shows. Star Trek TOS, Lost In Space with Bill Mummy, and Star Wars. They ignited the passion I have for the genre, and hope to one day see humans living on Luna and Mars, before I die.

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There was no TV in our little country town and I remember vividly when the first film was shown in the Town Hall. (The Wizard of Oz - and I had nightmares about flying monkeys for ages)

One of the first full novels I remember reading when I was about 7 or 8 years old was Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.

I think my sense of wonder at speculative ideas was strongly stimulated by the Myths and Legends sections in our set of the Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia.

In my early teens there was huge public interest in the space  race and I remember the awe I felt at the sight of the man made dot of light traversing the sky when Russia put Sputnik into orbit.


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The 50s War of the Worlds and Space 1999. Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind just clinched the deal. Alien finished it off!


I've been a Sci-Fi fanatic ever since!

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First TV show in Sci-Fi was Star Trek TNG on syndication, I love the gadgets and grew to love the storylines. Geordi was the first blind character I had ever known on TV, so I had a second connection with the show.


Mid 1990's, I started watching both Star Trek DS9 and Babylon 5, which opened me to grand space battles and epic character stories. I still get chills when I think of Sheridan's eternal quote: "Get The Hell out of our Galaxy!". Babylon 5 also inspired my weird nonpolar views on certain subjects, while maintaining an interesting blend of faith and scientific curiosity.


Last show, Stargate SG1, if you want a good action adventure, large story arcs, and some interesting tech ideas, Stargate had it. I love the episode "The Fifth Race" like any other Stargate fan, it is one of my top 5, basically despite all of our problems, we may still hold that spark of potential to join a greater universe.


I've watched many more Sci-fi since these series, but it is still a pleasure for me to recall these shows, when I write my stories.

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