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Happy 74th Birthday, Palantir

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Hello my friend, this year I managed to post this one 3 hrs earlier(it is still the 29th here). I trust all is well with you. With your stories now published, what is the next item on your to do list as you fast approach next years' big 75th party. I hope that your family is around to celebrate with you today. So here is my wish to you, ....


That You


:wizard: :music: :music: :music: Palantir :music:  :music:  :music:  :wizard:


Have A Very Happy 74th Birthday!!!






Happy DOWNUNDER Birthday - YouTube





You enjoyed them last year, so here is an encore.:)


Happy Birthday [Party Birds!] - YouTube





Best wishes


(I thought a Wintry (themed) Cake would be a novel change for you)




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Wow! Thanks, Sandrewn (Ishmael).

I love the greetings - and it's unbelievable how appropriate they are. The wintry cake for a start because my birthday morning was a very cold reception from the elements - frost making the grass crunch with every step until the winter sun warmed everything up.

As for the party birds, apart from making me laugh, they were appropriate too, because every single type in the song was an actual birthday visitor to my yard - lol they live here really



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