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Can you believe this game was started on May 29, 2006 (12 years ago! :o) ?  Going back to the beginning as we start a new round, I thought it would be kind of neat not only to have the original game instructions in the post, but to start game 3 from the original question, too. 


Here goes: 


@BoyNeedsTherapy said


Ok, so I saw this game on another board and thought it sounded fun! :D


So what happens is I start the topic by saying 'The person below me - ' and then making a statement about them.


For example I could say: 'The person below me has black hair'

Then the person that replies, would say something like 'No, I have brown hair.' And then they'd make their own statement like 'The person below me likes pickles' and so on.


Got it???



The person below me has a dog.
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