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Any interest in "story development" type sessions?


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I'm sure many of us have read one how-to-write book or another at some point. I do the exercises on my own for the most part, but for a long time I've wanted to do them with other writers. After attending a Nanowrimo in person and participating in online writing wars, I've come to really enjoy doing writer things socially.

So would any fellow writers here be willing to tackle the challenge of delving deeper into developing their stories using a how-to-write book as our "lesson plan", so to speak? It could be a new story, one you've completed, or one you're currently working through. I find it helpful to complete these exercises at any and all points of a story.

It would basically look something like this:

I explain an exercise in a How-To write book (currently, I am working through John Truby's The Anatomy of a Story, which is thoroughly engaging and I personally find to be challenging). You absolutely do not have to own the book yourself to do the exercises; I'll provide the content.

We spend some time thinking on it, discuss any troubles we are having in a dedicated thread, and share our results.

We can provide critiques if wanted, but the main idea is for ourselves to work out our stories on our own.

Apologies in advance if this post is out of line with any community rules or if I'm repeating something that's already being done.

Obligatory meme for attention and also a small reward to you for giving my post some of your time


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10 minutes ago, Serelec said:

Apologies in advance if this post is out of line with any community rules or if I'm repeating something that's already being done.

No problem at all. This is a great idea.

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1 hour ago, Dabeagle said:

Neat idea and I'll read with interest, though I have too much writing I'm working on right now to be helpful.

No worries, they'll mostly just be exercises to help you along with your story, so there is no pressure to really "contribute" to any group discussions per se :) I'll also try my best to summarize chapters and their main points so they're not taking too much of anyone's time

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Nice to see some interest! I'll create a new thread with the first exercise and link it here in the very near future. Cheers everyone!

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