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  1. Working It Out Part 1 1. Working It Out

    By Don H, in Fiction. 12/10/2010 (Updated: 12/10/2010)

    Mike Berman, a swimmer, and Matt Broman, a wrestler, are college roommates. Mike is gay and Matt finds out. They live life and face the ups and downs and above all, they work things out.

  2. Wine On The Moon

    By Sean J Halford, in Fiction. 05/20/2018 (Updated: 05/20/2018)

    It's hard being well-behaved when you're the hottest vampire in the city and pining over a girl you're too scared to involve in all your supernatural drama. It's even harder when your best bro and roommate is werewolf jock who's sending you all these mixed signals.

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    By Dolores Esteban, in Summer - Walk on the Wild Side. 05/06/2011 (Updated: 05/06/2011)

    A night on the road. Is Alex chasing a dream? Patrick is angry and Alex is feeling annoyed. Why did Alex kiss the girl?

  4. Web Guys 1. A Triumvirate of Saints

    By RichEisbrouch, in Fiction. 01/16/2017 (Updated: 03/07/2017)

    The adventures in sex and friendship, online and off, of Alan Damshroeder, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, high school teacher.

    Says Alan, "Sometimes I think it takes a triumvirate of saints to keep me out of trouble."

    Note: These stories are written as exchanged e-mails and reading this way is an acquired taste.

  5. Wanted

    By Mikiesboy, in Fiction. 10/29/2015 (Updated: 10/29/2015)

    A little Halloween tale. Sam is looking for a job, will he find one?

  6. Walking the Line

    By Valkyrie, in Fall - Blurred Edges. 09/10/2015 (Updated: 09/10/2015)

    Nick is a gay man who falls in love with his female best friend. He changes his thoughts on sexuality as he explores his bisexual side and pursues a relationship with her.

  7. Waiter. Waiter

    By Caz Pedroso, in Winter - Rewind: Pre-2016 Themes. 12/22/2016 (Updated: 12/22/2016)

    Carl gets call from his ex talking him into a night out with friends to 'heal the rift between them'.

    There are no friends attending except Carl's brother and boyfriend. Carl smells a set up, however, there is a truly delicious waiter.

    Please note - this is a true story and only names (and in some case sexes) have been changed to protect identities.

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    Via Contorta - a Stein-ish tale of lunacy in motion

    By Lux Apollo, in Non-Fiction. 05/29/2016 (Updated: 05/29/2016)

    A brief take on my life up until now written in a very stylized idiom inspired by Gertrude Stein.

  9. Varsity Commitment

    By flawlesss, in Fiction. 06/20/2013 (Updated: 08/18/2013)

    freshman year has ended and sophmore year is beginning. everythins was suppose to start off right this year, instead it started off with as a car crashand sadness. Follow a vindictive teen's story who will do whatever it takes, to get the guys he want.

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    Various One Shots

    By Rose Strailo, in Fiction. 12/19/2010 (Updated: 12/19/2010)

    Various one shot stories that I have running around.

  11. Vampires in Venice

    By Thorn Wilde, in FanFiction. 06/29/2013 (Updated: 06/29/2013)

    Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel 'Angel and me have never been intimate. Except that once...' Venice, 1894. The Scourge of Europe have fled Rome and The Immortal. Spike and Angelus make it back from a night of slaughter to find the house empty. To pass the time, they drink wine, play cards and get into an argument with a rather interesting conclusion.

  12. Underdogs 4. Logan and Seth

    By Cynus, in Fiction. 02/19/2015 (Updated: 02/19/2015)

    Logan and Seth face some of the realities of their relationship, while Seth makes a new friend, Grayson. Teenage angst runs rampant as Seth tries to find the answer to his unique situation.

    This story was built out of a collaboration with Dabeagle and his story, Dreamcatcher. It is recommended to read Dreamcatcher before reading Underdogs.

    You can find the rest of the Sanitaria Springs collection here: http://www.dabeagle.com/Sanitaria_Springs.html

  13. Under the Guise

    By BDANR, in Fiction. 08/04/2018 (Updated: 09/11/2018)

    A young man gets himself tangled with a mysterious man who goes by the name of Lex. At first, he finds attraction to the man's private nature, and the sex is a big incentive. But how far is he willing to go and what compromises is he willing to make for a man who won't even share his real name?

  14. To The Stars 1. KADA

    By AusGlitterati, in Fiction. 06/09/2018 (Updated: 01/12/2019)

    Diego's professional wrestling career isn't going so well. He's unpopular, homophobic and lacks charisma, both on and off screen. Gay icon Lance delivers a disastrous debut match and becomes the scorn of the industry. Management decides to give them both another chance and pairs them together - Diego is a seasoned wrestler and Lance is a talented entertainer. With no chemistry and nothing in common, the two aren't nearly as friendly behind the scenes as they are on camera, but with both their careers hanging in the balance, they'll have to find some way to make it work.

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